Why AI in Web3

A new collaborative network enabled by a new digital asset

From general to personal

In the past decade, centralized AI models have been used by big tech to extract value and insights from users for their benefit. In contrast, we’re creating unique, individual AI models to tip the scales in favor of more individual power and wellbeing. By training every personal AI on a creator’s individual knowledge, experiences, and passions, we are working to advance the capabilities of AI in service of all people instead of the powerful few.

From users to owners

Today, a handful of private companies effectively own, control, and profit off of content they keep locked behind a walled garden. Meanwhile the creators that created the content are left undervalued and underpaid. Our creators have full ownership of their data, AI models, and digital assets. In partnership with Oasis Labs, we’re building our platform on blockchain so that creators have sole access and power to repurpose, share, or benefit from their data however they want. We’re advancing the use cases for tokenized frameworks, enhanced by personal AIs, to fully extract and realize the value of their data in a new economy that benefits them and their communities.

From scarcity to utility

Simply giving users ownership and incentives in the form of tokens isn’t sufficient for long-term sustainability. Tokens need to be useful and create real value for its users. We’re creating a new digital asset that extracts utility from the data you own. Your personal AI unlocks and creates new value out of not only the content you create, but the intellect and creativity you use to create it. Through access and participation, enabled by social tokens, your personal AI unleashes creations, collaborations, and new possibilities that continue to accrue in value for you and your community.

From consumption to participation

Platforms today are designed for mass consumption. It’s a one-way street where creators produce content and audiences consume it. We’re not building a platform for audiences, we’re building a community. With personal AIs, creators and their communities now have their own platform. And with social tokens, they also have their own means to exchange value. We’re creating a new collaborative network that shifts the power from platforms to people, and transforms the relationship from value consumption to value creation.

From subscriptions to investments

The creator dream has been to amass a massive subscriber base over several years and then eventually, fingers crossed, monetize that subscriber base. But the reality is only about 1% of creators make minimum wage. Neither the creators nor their subscribers are winning in this situation. We’re enabling a new creator economy where communities can invest in the creators they love and the value their personal AIs add to their lives. Now creators can build a sustainable business around their creativity and have the community participate and benefit from their success.