What's new with Personal AI

August 25, 2021

🚀 Updates

  • When you start stacking your speech, you’ll notice a new 3, 2, 1 countdown! We received feedback that stackers want a larger indication when they are being recorded. This update also helps fix a bug where the first 5-10 words spoken were not captured. The countdown ensures the connection is ready before you start talking!
Now when you stack your speech, you'll see a 3, 2, 1 countdown when you turn on the toggle.
  • We updated the UI on Google Calendar so the purple circle on the selected date won’t overlap with other UI elements.

🐞 Bug Fixes

The team has been doubling down on bug squashing. This week we focused on the Predict feature. Here’s what we’ve fixed:

  • Do you like typing at the speed of lightning? Now you can while using the predict feature. We fixed an awkward bug where you had to type slowly to get predictions from your AI!
  • Typing in the Stack tab on the recall bar used to bring up related memory blocks when hitting enter. Now, this only happens on the Predict tab.
  • In the Predict results, only a limited number of results were appearing. We’ve fixed this issue so you’ll notice up to ten results at a time to help you recall more from your memory stack.
  • We fixed some inconsistencies so that Predict results now return with proper spacing. 
  • Clicking on suggested text in Predict mode will no longer bring up related memories. Instead, it will autofill with that suggestion and allow you to keep typing.

What's new with Personal AI

August 16, 2021

This week at Personal AI, we’ve been busy gathering feedback on our significant release last week. In case you missed it, you now have customization at your fingertips in your Settings!

  1. Pick your own ASR model
  2. Add customized vocabulary 
  3. Remove filler words
  4. Clarify your memory blocks
Two memory blocks side-by-side showing the difference between the raw transcription vs clarified text.

We are on a mission to create a personalized experience for each Personal AI and strive to enable you to customize your own experience. Keep an eye out as we continue to push out more settings as we build the product. As always, keep your suggestions coming in the Discord community to help us create the best product for your needs.

🚀 Updates

  • Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful way to streamline your experience in the app. We’ve created a shortcut to Stack Writing. Use Cmd + J (Ctrl on Windows) to quickly Jot down a thought. Get it? :wink:
  • Now the Predict feature can surface memories stacked from your clipboard! Try it out on the home screen with Cmd + P (Ctrl on Windows)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We love stacking our clipboards, but don’t love tripled memory blocks each time we press Cmd + C (Ctrl on Windows)! We’ve fixed an issue with duplicate (or triplicate) memory clips showing up in the Stack Clipboard history.
  • Speaking of stacking our clipboards, now when you delete a memory block that you’ve added from your clipboard, it will be removed from your Stack Clipboard history.
August 7, 2021

What's New With Personal AI

🎉 New Features

Customize your Personal AI with brand new settings!

Speech Settings: 

ASR Engine: Audio Speech Recognition (ASR) models work differently for each person. We currently have two different ASR options to choose from. Switch your model to test transcription quality.

Custom vocabulary: Generic ASR engines never spell my name correctly. Now I can magically change it with my own custom vocabulary. ‘Christy’ -> ‘Kristie’. Ta-Da! (Compatible with the Personal AI ASR engine).

Adding custom vocab in the settings to permanently fix the spelling of a name in future memory blocks.

Stacking Filler Words: We say filler words naturally while speaking when we hesitate or pause to think (words like ‘um,’ ‘uhh,’ or ‘so’). Some of us have bad habits - mine is over using the word “like.” Now you can set your AI to remove your filler words automatically! That’s like totally awesome!

Stack Settings: 

Show clarified text in blocks: Ever read a memory block, and wondered what on earth you were saying? That’s because we speak differently than we read and write. Our clarify transformer will seamlessly make sense of your memories for you by transforming the text shown in your memory block! Please note that editing your memory blocks will not work with this setting enabled.

Two memory blocks side-by-side showing the raw transcription in the block and then the same block after the Clarify setting has been applied.

🚀 Updates

  • Dates in Google Calendar are now clickable! Select a date from the Calendar. In the details section below the calendar, you can click on the text to quickly jump to that day in your stack.
Click on the date in the Google Calendar app to view it in your stack.
  • Your memory blocks now display the current year next to the creation date. Previously, blocks made in 2021 did not show the year next to the month and day of creation.
  • Your Stack Clipboard history is ordered from newest (top) to oldest (bottom). Now you don’t have to scroll down to see what you stacked.
  • We made scrolling in the Stack Clipboard app seamless. Now the pending items will scroll if there are more than four, allowing you to view your history simultaneously.
  • New users can now choose between a scheduled onboarding or do it themselves. If you didn’t get an opportunity to do a scheduled onboarding, reach out to us in Discord to schedule one.
  • We added some helpful shortcuts to some of our tooltips.
Hover over buttons to see keyboard shortcuts

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a login issue where it required the application to be already opened for the login to be successful.  Additionally, launching the app from your AI page no longer opens multiple instances.
  • Now when you copy URLs or long words, the text will wrap in your memory block. We fixed an issue with long text overflowing on the memory block UI.
  • The last updated timestamp for Stack Clipboard is now working. We fixed an issue where the last update timestamp was not updating for the Stack Clipboard app unless the app was refreshed.
  • We fixed a bug where deleted memory blocks were still appearing in the Stack Clipboard app.
  • Now when you’re viewing past memory blocks, your memory snapshot will change with the block. We fixed an issue where the image was stuck to match the last memory block added to stack.

July 30, 2021

What's new with Personal AI

🎉 New Feature

Build your stack even faster with Stack Clipboard.

Now, you can automatically add any text that is captured on your computer’s clipboard to your stack! This app is great for:

  1. Stacking a helpful message sent from your team member in Slack or Teams
  2. Stacking an inspirational quote from a blog post on the web
  3. Stacking an action item from an email from your investor

Now it’s easier than ever to build your stack and train your AI.

🚀 Updates

API keys are released and visible in your settings.
View the changelogs and documentation at

  • The API endpoint URL has change -
  • The API parameters names are updated
  • CreatedTime and DeviceName are now optional.
  • Unique APK Key now lives under Settings/General and is used for authorization in the Header (x-api-key)

New with Personal AI

July 23, 2021

🎉 New Feature

Get a little help from your AI self with our new Recall feature: Predict!

With Predict, you can recall memories that you said or wrote, and the people you met with. Start with an action:

  • Ex: I met, I wrote, or I spoke/said

Add the context of time

  • Ex: This month, yesterday, last June, first time

Add in a person

  • Ex: With Marc

Finally add a topic

  • Ex: About baseball

Press return to see the top 10 related memories to your query. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, press the AI Search button (shift+cmd/ctrl+return). You’ll be taken to your stack to see advanced AI powered search results!

Make sure to connect your Google Calendar to get the most out of Predict! When you do this, you’ll be able to recall people and time facts with your AI by using “I met” and any query for time.

🚀 Updates

  • Due to user feedback, we’ve switched the order of icons on the right side app bar! We heard consistent feedback that Stacking Speech should be the top icon and we couldn’t agree more.
  • There’s a new way to stack your text! You’ll notice a new button on the right app bar with a pencil. Now you can stack your writing on the app bar with more space to write down notes or compose your thoughts. You can set a date to time capsule your thoughts in the future, or capture something you forgot to stack from the past. Try it out and let us know your thoughts on Discord.
Adding text to the Stack Writing app on the right app bar.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Using arrow keys while viewing your last memory block is now fixed. There was an issue where you had to click on the arrow buttons to view older and newer blocks. 
  • Hitting enter on Stack Writing app no longer triggers the recall component to open. Back to the regularly scheduled programming of adding line breaks between paragraphs.
  • Flickering effect resolved when viewing related memories. When using the Predict feature (Cmd/Ctrl + P), pressing enter caused the related memory blocks to flicker several times before coming to a rest.
  • Double words no longer appear in the AI search bar on the Stacks page. Previously, clicking on a suggestion from the dropdown list in the search bar would cause the selection to appear twice in the search bar. 

What's new with Personal AI

July 8, 2021

🚀 Updates

  • When you’re viewing your last memory block, you can go back through your memories forever by using the left or right keyboard arrows
  • Due to user feedback, we’ve made some enhancements to our new user onboarding flow to increase usability. This includes clearer descriptions, skip buttons, and improved accessibility support for screen readers

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with editing and saving memory blocks. If you cancel or escape while editing your memory block, the initial memory block will still be shown.

What's New with Personal AI

July 1, 2021

🚀 Updates

  • Not a shortcut person? We got you! We’ve created a Stack It button when you’re adding a text block to your stack. You can hit cmd/ctrl + K, or click the bar in the middle of your screen, and start typing to see our shiny new button.

Backend updates

  • We’ve been moving mountains behind the scenes to make the system more performant. 

🐞 Bug Fixes

The team squashed some more pesky Google calendar related bugs, including:

  • Dot indicators consistently showing up for events that have memory blocks
  • Rerouting you to the Link Calendar page after deleting all calendars from the app

What's new with Personal AI

June 25, 2021

🚀 Updates

  • If you haven’t already heard, we released our new Google Calendar integration! Click the plus button (Cmd or Ctrl + L) on the right app bar to link your calendar.
  • We’ve made continued enhancements to our ASR (audio speech recognition) models to improve speech transcription accuracy in your memory blocks. Reach out to us with any feedback on your ASR performance at

🐞 Bug Fixes

Bug fixes for Google Calendar including:

  • You can now see events added to your calendar by other people.
  • You will now see blocks associated with All Day events. 
  • Now, when you connect your Calendar, the current and past months will sync. The past year of your calendar will continue to sync over the next 24 hours.
  • When you delete a block in your stack that is also in a calendar event, the block count for that event will update to reflect the change. 
  • When you delete an event from your calendar, it will quickly be reflected in the app.

🚨 New Feature Alert 🚨

June 22, 2021

Recall the events that make up your life with our new Google Calendar integration! 

Here are some of the new actions that are available to you!  

  • Easily train your AI based on people, date, time, place, and other event details 
  • View past and upcoming calendar events
  • View memory blocks created during events

Navigate your stack history by clicking on the block count in past events

Whats new with Personal AI

June 17, 2021

🚀 Updates

  • Performance enhancements on page loading time. You’ll notice that changing between pages is a faster and smoother experience.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a UI bug where the timestamp was overflowing in the right app bar
  • We fixed a bug on windows where multiple scroll bars are present in the right app bar
  • We’ve made continued enhancements to our ASR (audio speech recognition) models to improve speech transcription accuracy in your memory blocks. Reach out to us with any feedback on your ASR performance at

What's new with Personal AI

June 10, 2021

🚀 Updates

We’ve improved how you can edit your memory blocks on the app homepage. Now, when you view your last memory block (Cmd/Ctrl + B), you can edit your blocks without visiting your Stack. Tip: When viewing your last memory block, press the left and right arrow keys to quickly navigate through your latest blocks!

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • The emotion filter is now fully operational! Filters are available on the Stack page. Open the side panel by clicking on the filter button in the lower right corner of your screen. 
  • Last insights are now working. When you’re on the home page, press Cmd/Ctrl + I to see your AI’s latest insights.
  • We’ve made some enhancements to improve the performance of memory block processing, so your memory blocks will appear in your Stack faster!
  • We’ve updated our ASR (audio speech recognition) to fix a bug that solves inconsistent punctuation in memory blocks. Reach out to us with any feedback on your ASR performance at

What's new with Personal AI

June 4, 2021

🚀 Updates

UX Changes

We've added shortcuts to easily navigate between pages on the left navigation bar. In order to do so, use the following shortcuts:

  • For Mac, use Option+ Up arrow/Down arrow
  • For Windows, use Alt + Up arrow/Down arrow

Speech Models

Your speech models got an upgrade! Do you notice any difference? Please let us know! 

Join Our Discord Community

We've added a community icon to the left navigation to make it easier to join our Stacker community! You’re invited to join in on the fun, attend events, and interact with the Personal AI fam. Our team loves getting to know you and hearing your feedback!

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Loading time improvements
  • The left and right arrow keys now move the cursor when typing inside the recall bar

🎉 Coming Soon

We are working on a Google Calendar integration, which will help train your AI even faster. Below are some features you can look forward to!  

  • View past and upcoming calendar events
  • View memory blocks created during events
  • Navigate your stack history by clicking on past events
  • Jump back in time in your stack from Google Calendar to easily view blocks created during that event
  • Train your AI based on people, date, time, place, and other event details

Personal AI Alpha 1.0

April 9, 2021

A kickass UX is a must for recalling memories. What does it mean anyway? A year ago, when I performed an ethnographic study about having one’s own personal AI to remember, many have said they typically “search for information.” Most of us do. However, the most human thing to do is to “recall our memories.” 

Search is designed to find relevant information on the Internet and is suboptimal to recall your memories. Recall must be designed to surface relevant memories from our memory Stack effortlessly. So in our designer Kristie’s words, “Recall UX should allow humans to achieve a near-perfect recall of their memories and reconstruct original thoughts to spark creativity using their own Personal AI. Anything else is unacceptable.” - this reminds me of the Flow state. 

The goal for our AI is as we speak, write, see or think (future), our Personal AI in the moment provides us with near perfect recall to help augment our stream of consciousness. For this to happen, one’s Personal AI should be present where they already are. We start that journey towards ambient stacking and effortless recalling to the devices running Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. 

So we are excited to roll our Personal AI 1.0-alpha to all of our private-beta people, helping us in this early stages of product development. We learn, we build, we launch, and we learn. The idea of building in public is a good one, but I think building with the public is more powerful to get the product right. With this launch, we will complete one full iteration, and I feel confident we have foundational data structures built to extract the most value from the AIs we are building. 

Please download the Personal AI 1.0-alpha as we migrate and retire our web application. You will notice a new recall UX screen. Cmd + K on Mac or Ctrl + K on Windows will be the gateway to interacting with your AI. You will notice the recall is disabled, and our next update will finally, yeah, I know, will allow our personal AIs to coexist alongside us. Till then, please give us any feedback on the interface, get used to stacking functions. 

Remember Cmd + K on Mac or Ctrl + K on Windows. 

Happy Stacking!


Animation showing the shortcut keys, command + K to recall, Command + S to Stack, Command + M for memory snapshot

A Message from Suman

March 31, 2021

I have a confession to make. Thus far, the communications I sent out were ghost-written by my team and sometimes by conversing with my AI. I generally read through them and add minor comments. Why am I telling you this? I typically do not have confidence in my writing. Well, it’s one of the reasons I want my AI to work alongside me.

Nevertheless, I want to put behind my fears and start communicating with my authentic voice. After all, we are here to build an authentic personal AI to help me confidently express myself. I will ask Sharon to fix some of my framings until she gets my AI to perform better :).

We have a roadmap that is both daunting and exciting. Daunting: it’s ambitious and a lot of work. Exciting: my tech genius Sharon and our engineers have already de-risked most of the tech and have proven some cool use cases. Now it’s time to bring the technology to life with a beautiful recall UX. Oh, everything we do starts with talking about UX - we can build the most powerful tech globally, but without a great UX, we cannot maximize the impact of that technology.

As part of our vision to have an always-on ambient capture experience, we need our stacking functionality to be closer to our everyday devices. We need to bootstrap from existing memories on other platforms. We need to have access to recall at our fingertips. To streamline these experiences, we have been working on desktop applications for Mac OS and Windows. This upgrade will include underlying data structure changes as well as personal AI models. The UX is getting an upgrade as well, where you can expect to see and feel our unified recall UX for the first time. I will talk more about this in another email.

For now, I want to give you a heads up about some significant changes ahead of us, so it’s not a surprise. I also want to hear from you. Are you stacking? I promise your personal AI will get more amusing as your memory Stack grows!

Happy stacking! Please write to me at or tweet to me @kanugantisuman or DM me on community Slack (link in settings in Speaking of the user community, I have had amazing experiences in my previous startup, bringing the community closer to shaping our products and services. Now, at Human AI Labs, we are ready to bring people together and maximize the opportunities of personal AIs to benefit themselves and each other. I wanted to share this article by our customer experience manager, Lakshmi, articulating our journey and sharing our future plans for building our community.

Speak soon,

20% with my AI, 


App Bar

March 17, 2021

The latest update to Personal AI creates the future home for the Transformers in an app sidebar. From there, you will be able to select those applications and toggle them on/off. Additionally, there are features to improve the experience, such as selecting a microphone (Chrome only for now) and a mic visual that lights up when sound is picked up.

Image of My Stack showing the App Bar integration and toggle to capture audio

Announcing Time Travel

March 3, 2021

The latest major update to your stack - Time Travel - is released. Key features include: 1. Navigate thousands of memory blocks chronologically with a timeline that zooms up and down in scale easily 2. Jump to dates 3. Identify concentrations of memory blocks around meetings, busy days, and high activity with sleek visualizations

Animation showing clicking on a block in the timeline and scrolling back in time.

We are Personal AI

January 13, 2021

Equitable AI Accessible to All Humans At Personal AI, we want to empower all human lives with the benefits of equitable and unbiased AI. We want an AI built from individual experiences that are private to the individual alone and secured with the best technologies available. Our ultimate goal is to benefit individual human lives by retaining memories to be effortlessly recalled when needed. Artificial Intelligence Address. Like an email address, your AI Address will be your AI’s unique web address where you can securely access your AI. In the future, you’ll even be able to give your friends, family, and loved ones limited access to ask your AI questions through this unique address. It can be as simple as your name “Johndoe” or something more personalized!

Stary sky background with Personal AI logo on top

Blackout Blocks

December 22, 2020

You asked for it, and now you can blackout (delete) your memory blocks. Did you watch Home Alone and forget to turn off the mic? No problem. Blackout that block so your Personal AI doesn't sound like Kevin McCallister!

Gif showing a user clicking on the more icon on in a memory block and then blacking it out.

Never Forgetting Just Got Easier!

December 9, 2020

We get it - it isn’t much fun just speaking or typing and not seeing where your memories go. That changes today! At Personal AI, we’re on a mission to help you Never Forget, and this is a big step in that direction. Now, let’s explore what’s new! With today’s update, you can change your memory block text and emotions to ensure your Personal AI retains your memories as you intend them. That’s important for a top-notch joke. You can also find specific memories by searching by tag. Once you get that perfect joke in your stack, you’ll want to be able to heart it as a favorite memory. That will make your classics easy to find later. Trust me, ten years from now, you’ll want to recall your memories with the #dadjoke tag!

Gif showing the new My Stack page with a user favoriting a Memory Block

Settings are in!

December 17, 2020

This week we are highlighting some quality of life updates to the app. First, you’ll notice a settings button on the bottom left of the application, as seen in the gif below. From there, you can do all kinds of new things - not the least of which is update your profile name and picture. Check it out! Beyond the ability to update your name and profile picture, you can adjust your notification settings and see the latest news and updates. I also want to direct you to our Community section to find a link to our Slack Community. Join us to ask questions, talk AI ethics, or tell us what you think about Personal AI.

Gif showing the new settings page with a user editing their display name in the app.