Reimagining the creator economy

A new economic model where creators and their community are at the center

Blockchain technologies now make it possible to reimagine a new economic model where creators and their communities are at the center. We’re stripping out the middlemen and allowing creators and their communities to participate in building a stronger, more sustainable economy they all benefit from.

At the core of this new economy is data ownership. Creators own their data, AI model and IP.  Personal AIs allow creators to extract utility from the data they own in the form of knowledge capital and interactive content, and makes it safe and easy to transfer the value they create. Through social utility tokens, they can monetize access and interaction with their personal AIs, directly allowing communities to simultaneously invest in and support creators and gain utility and value from deeper engagement with their AIs.

Today most NFTs are motivated by status and lead to transactionary behavior. We're motivated by creating utility and value through human to AI connection that leads to deeper engagement between creators and their communities.

Everyone is given an AI training credit to train their AI. They can earn more in the form of rewards when they stake stable coins. Everyone also has an option to mint an associated AI creator coin that represents equity in a creator’s AI. The holder of the coin is investing in the success of that creator as well as unlocking access to the utility of their personal AI. All transactions are governed by the Personal AI token, the native currency of the Personal AI ecosystem that serves as an indicator of its overall value and utility.

Encouraging early adoption means keeping the barrier to entry low for early investors and allowing the value of the AI coin to grow steadily while attracting fans. Long-term investment involves providing a path through which more developed creator communities can reach their true valuation. Hand in hand, these two factors of our AI Coin pricing model are aimed to help each creator community grow and reach its full potential.