Your digital mind created with artificial intelligence

Your personal AI helps you preserve all your knowledge, unlock new inspirations, create new ideas, and share what you know with others.

Unlock more value from your knowledge

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No tagging, no sorting, no wasted time. Your AI does it for you.

No more jumping between different tools. Save it all in one place.

Don’t search for keywords. Just ask your AI for a quick answer.

Unleash your knowledge

Capture, preserve, and intelligently organize all your knowledge in one place for easy recall and use. So you can focus on having ideas, not trying to remember them.


Your AI makes connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.

Your AI reminds you of forgotten ideas that are relevant now.

Your AI generates key highlights of dense topics for inspiration.

Stay inspired

When all your knowledge is interconnected and in one place, you have an abundance of personal discoveries, lessons learned, and actionable insights to draw on for every situation.

Create like magic

Your personal AI is uniquely yours. With your personally curated knowledge at your fingertips, you never have to stare at a blank page trying to think of something smart to say or write.

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Don’t know where to start? Let your AI generate a rough draft.

Your AI auto suggests ideas so you always stay in flow.

Your AI rephrases content to express them in different ways.


Have 1:1 direct conversations with anyone on a global scale.

Give 24/7 access to your unique knowledge.

Turn your knowledge into income via exclusive memberships.

Share your mind

Share your AI with others to present different perspectives, educate by answering questions and offering insights, share personal experiences, and give advice and mentorship.

What makes a personal AI different


An AI as unique as you

Your personal AI is a digital version of your mind that continuously learns from your uniquely curated knowledge, memories, inspirations, and experiences. It shares your unique personality and style. So it thinks like you, sounds like you, and responds like you would.


Built on privacy and control

We believe your data should be yours and only yours. So we built our platform to give you full control of what you choose to keep, delete, or share. All your data is fully secured and encrypted by blockchain technology in partnership with Oasis Labs. And we’ll never ever sell your data.


More helpful over time

Your AI continuously learns from you and builds your knowledge over time. Training your AI on a constant flow of knowledge will give you the ability to easily combine and see the relationships between ideas, recall inspiration, and give you the building blocks to create anything.


No coding skills needed

Building your personal AI is more about habit than a complicated process. Train your AI by chatting with it or uploading content regularly. Recall and get answers by simply asking questions. Take advantage of your AIs ability to make helpful connections and generate content.

Anyone can create a personal AI

For anyone who wants to create more meaningful work and impact others with their knowledge.

Course creators & coaches

Students & researchers

Legacy leavers

Thought leaders

VCs & entrepreneurs

Video creators


Knowledge workers


Unlock and use more of your knowledge with your personal AI



You or anyone you share your AI with can simply ask a question to search your digital mind to instantly get thoughts, perspectives, and answers.



Your AI synthesizes everything you know about a topic and give you a concise summary you can use or share with others.


Connect Topics

Your AI automatically surfaces topics that might be related to the thing you’re interested in without having to search for them yourself.


Smart Compose

You don’t have to worry about writer’s block or starting from a blank page, your AI will auto-complete sentences and generate a rough draft.



Easily find out all the things you know about a topic and go deeper into the details to build on an idea.


Smart Questions

Your AI automatically generates questions for everything you upload so you can easily recall what you know without digging through search results.


Teach your AI by simply having a chat.


Generate alternate ways to express your thoughts.


Get highlights from any article you upload with just a click.


To jot down an idea, just say “take a quick note.”


To get a recap of your day, just say “what’s new today.”


To share what’s on your mind, just say “draft a tweet.”

What our creators
are saying

Tom Cheesewright
Ten years of consulting, speaking, and broadcasting is a lot of content, across a huge range of industries. It's hard to remember what I've said, let alone direct that information to people who enquire. With Personal AI, I can not only catalogue and retrieve my own thoughts much better, I can give others direct access to them. Dynamically generating answers to their questions about the future, whatever time zone they're in!
Kary Oberbrunner
"Personal AI is the new innovation for next level impact. Thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers should seriously consider this technology as a means of optimizing their content. Time is always a coveted commodity. Personal AI multiples our reach and enables me to ignite even more souls."
Mike Longmeadow
"When I finish reading a book, I often find myself wanting more. As I've worked at developing my personal AI, was delighted to discover my readers will have the opportunity to explore the content of my books on a more personal level, and explore specific themes, something huge for any fiction fan and author. Giving readers a direct access to the content in this way feels like giving my books a second life!"
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