Creative Intern

We are seeking a Creative Intern to join our Marketing Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every individual to own their intelligence and be their own thought leader.

Our Vision

Memories and thoughts worth remembering define us and are among our most valuable gifts in life. All humans should be able to keep thoughts and memories they value with a Personal AI.

Our Promise

Create an AI that's built on the memories that move you. Feel comfortable knowing that you own your memory data. Forever.

About Personal AI

Personal AI is an AI self-trained on data you create as an individual. The data is captured as life happens and is structured into memories. A memory comprises many elements, such as time, context, people, locations, emotions, tone and visual information. Personal AI then integrates your memories into everyday life, offering a little help as you make decisions and as you express yourself; to own your intelligence.

We believe in building technology that is both innovative and impactful. We are constantly looking through the lenses of humans and how they interact and experience our technology, practicing our principles of privacy first and authentic AI.

For us, an engineer is both a creator and a builder. We possess the knowledge and the tools to create novel solutions for human problems. It is also about being part of the team - building collaboratively, learning from both failure and success, and turning vision into reality.
As an AI engineer, together we will be building towards a future where there is a Personal AI for every individual. A Personal AI that is built on top of the individual’s memories, works with the individual’s value in mind, and more importantly, allows them to discover their past, experience their present, and prospect their future.

What you’ll bring

The human in this role would ideally have a strong background using: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Not required, but also fantastic experience, would include experience using: Premier Pro, Aftereffects, or a compatible software. Figma. Experience using or creating Instagram and/or Snapchat effects.

Please include a portfolio of your work along with your application.

What we are excited about

We are currently building our brand and our company, in an extremely innovative field. We want to grow our followings across our social platforms, and bring in new customers. Design is a critical part of that. Our technology spans the fields of computer vision, Natural Language Processing, generative algorithms (e.g. GPT-3), and knowledge representation (e.g. graphs). We are excited to meet humans who are passionate about design and social media, and who are up for the challenge of conveying complicated information and messaging in a simplified way.

How we work

This internship would report to the marketing team, with a dotted line relationship to our Head of Design. We are a startup, so it's all hands on deck, all the time. Our team loves working with people who are self-driven and ambitious about the work they do. We also love providing career and school mentorship to our interns.

Part Time Paid Internship
La Jolla, CA
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