Me & My AI: Susan Koch

Susan tells us how her AI helps suggest ideas to make her writing flow and ideas connect.


In a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, Susan Koch stands as a beacon of innovation and empathy.  Koch is setting a precedent in using AI technology to bridge cultural gaps and amplify marginalized voices. Koch,  understands the boundless possibilities that artificial intelligence holds in transforming our society for the better. Drawing inspiration from her commitment to fostering unity and understanding, Koch has embarked on a journey to harmonize indigenous and settler communities, using the power of Personal AI.

Discovery of Personal AI

As Koch ventured into the realms of artificial intelligence, she realized that Personal AI was not just a tool but a companion in her endeavors. The AI platform resonated with her, offering a space where she could articulate her thoughts, develop ideas, and strategize her initiatives with a personal touch. Just as Tela found a confidant in Personal AI, capable of reflecting her wisdom and style, Koch found a collaborator that echoed her voice, embodying her passion for nurturing connections and fostering understanding between diverse groups of people.

Use Case

Koch has demonstrated the transformative capabilities of Personal AI in both her personal and professional spheres. On a personal note, the AI served as a creative partner, assisting her in crafting a profound and heartfelt wedding toast for her daughter. Through meaningful dialogues with her AI, she was able to explore profound themes surrounding commitment and choice, culminating in a speech that touched hearts deeply.

Professionally, Koch is a pioneer, leading innovative initiatives to harness the power of AI for societal benefit. She envisioned and created the Two Row Flow Cultural Commons initiative, a project that promises to bridge the gaps between indigenous and settler communities. Through a series of conversations with her Personal AI assistant, she strategized ways to foster understanding and dialogue between these communities, planning to develop AI facilitators adept in various cultures to further this cause.

Training my personal AI

Koch believes in the organic development of ideas, nurturing them through regular interactions with her Personal AI.  Koch is keen on developing her AI to be an indispensable part of her project. She intends to train her AI facilitators comprehensively, immersing them in different cultural narratives, and enabling them to engage people effectively, addressing common questions and facilitating understanding of indigenous worldviews.

Personal AI for My Team

Koch envisions her AI facilitators as bridges between communities, fostering dialogue and understanding. She plans to train them with a rich repository of cultural knowledge, enabling them to answer questions and engage people effectively, mirroring the nuances of human communication. This initiative stands as a testimony to her commitment to utilizing technology for fostering unity and understanding, ensuring seamless operations and knowledge transfer.

Vision for my personal AI

Susan Koch is not just using AI as a tool but envisioning it as a legacy that will continue to foster unity and understanding for generations to come. Her passion and dedication, channeled through Personal AI, hold the promise of a future where technology is a harbinger of peace and understanding. Koch sees the potential for Personal AI to lift up voices in communities, encouraging more social entrepreneurs to embrace the technology's potential for a positive impact.

As she intricately develops her Personal AI, she dreams of a future where it serves as a repository of wisdom and knowledge, echoing her passion and commitment to fostering unity and understanding between communities. Through her endeavors, Koch is crafting a legacy that promises to resonate through time, fostering connections and understanding,  creating a lasting impact through the use of Personal AI.

Reach out to my personal AI

To delve deeper into Susan Koch's groundbreaking journey with Personal AI, reach out to her at Her story stands as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of Personal AI in fostering connections and understanding in society. Koch's journey with Personal AI is a beacon of hope, showcasing the potential of technology to foster unity and understanding, echoing the sentiments of pioneers like Tela, who have utilized Personal AI to create lasting legacies.

Join Susan Koch in her journey, as she navigates the realms of technology and culture, fostering connections, and building bridges of understanding with the aid of Personal AI. Be a part of this transformative journey, where technology meets empathy, fostering a future of unity and understanding.