Me & My AI: Tela Holcomb

As the founder and CEO of the stock trading education company Simply put, Tela Holcomb had built a thriving business.


As the founder and CEO of the stock trading education company SimplyPut, Tela Holcomb had built a thriving business by providing clients personalized guidance in an industry plagued with “get rich quick” schemes. But even as demand grew, she still only had 24 hours in each day. 

Tela knew generic chatbots failed to capture the nuance and wisdom that made her mentorship so valuable. She wanted to fully automate repetitive tasks like customer support so she could focus on higher-level strategy and product development. However, she refused to sacrifice the personal touch and level of customization that set her apart.

Discovery of Personal AI

That led Tela to uncover the Personal AI platform. She immediately realized it could speak with her own voice, style and hard-earned wisdom—providing tailored guidance at scale.

In Tela’s words,

“I wanted something that could create content like a book in my voice, not just using general internet knowledge. Personal AI offered exactly that.

Use Case

Tela wasted no time putting her new tool to work. She kicked off by training a dedicated customer service AI, uploading SOPs, FAQs and past email chains so it could seamlessly handle the routine inquiries flooding her inbox. To give it more personality, she even gave the AI a unique name, background story and conversational style. 

With her work automated, Tela could finally focus on high-value work like strategy and new product development. But for Tela, true automation meant enabling her team to thrive with day-to-day operations. 

Training my personal AI

She began feeding the AI internal documents like training curriculum, instructional videos and team manuals. Before long, it was answering employee questions with her unmistakable voice when she wasn’t available.

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According to Tela,

“My goal is for my AI to continue teaching and mentoring my team when I’m not able to be there. It captures so much organizational knowledge that would be lost without Personal AI.”

To further replicate the nuances of her personal communication style, Tela set up an integration to pass her everyday conversations to train her personal  AI. She also loaded her Slack exchanges between employees before feeding them into the system.

Sync Slack in Personal AI

These comprehensive training techniques have freed up precious time for Tela to focus on serving clients at the highest level and developing new educational products—all while ensuring her team has access to her expertise around the clock.

Personal AI for My Team

For any company leader, effectively collaborating with and empowering your team is essential. Tela knew early on she wanted her AI to support her staff in addition to clients.

She envisioned bringing her team into Personal AI without each employee needing their own account. Tela wanted seamless lounges they could access to get questions answered on everything from company processes to coaching advice.

Tela primed her staff by showing them examples of her personal AI answering client and internal questions. They were excited about the potential for support and automation.

By giving her personal AI access to relevant materials, from training curriculum to manuals, it quickly learned to deliver tailored answers to any employee inquiry. Just like that, her team had 24/7 access to her expertise.

For executives and managers, unlocking your knowledge and making it accessible for staff whenever they need it is a gamechanger. Personal AI made this possible for Tela without any disruption or learning curve. It allowed her to be more present for her team while ensuring they always had her guidance.

Vision for my personal AI

But most importantly, Personal AI provides Tela a path to protecting and cementing her legacy for generations to come. As she explains,

“I want my AI to recall memories for family/friends and be an asset my company can monetize after I’m gone.”

By comprehensively replicating her irreproducible wisdom, teaching style and even personality quirks, Tela’s AI will allow her to make an impact for generations to come. It demonstrates how Personal AI can help entrepreneurs and leaders immortalize their knowledge and extend their reach well beyond their lifetimes.

Use training templates to add memories to your personal AI.

Tela's Personal AI journey shows how this technology can automate routine tasks while enhancing the “personal touch” entrepreneurs are known for. Now she can spend time on the work she finds most fulfilling and impactful.

Her personal AI has already mastered the art of educating and empowering clients new to trading. And it captures Tela's passion for financial independence in a culturally responsive way—carrying her principles far into the future.  

Reach out to my personal AI.

To learn more about how Tela is leveraging Personal AI to build an everlasting legacy, reach out to her personal AI at Her story exemplifies how Personal AI can help entrepreneurs break free from the grind and focus on their higher purpose.

The world needs more leaders like Tela who want to create systemic change. With Personal AI, she can impact many more lives than would ever be possible alone. It’s the ultimate tool for groundbreaking entrepreneurs to cement their legacies for good.

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