Use cases
for your AI

Imagine the possibilities

There are all kinds of creative ways your personal AI can provide value to you and your community.

Time machine

Talk to and interact with a creator’s younger self for insights into their early careers or just to see what they were like.

Unique perspectives

Get a creator’s insights and thoughts on a trending topic or a cultural moment.

First hand stories

Explore and experience what it was like to be at a certain event through the first hand memories of someone who was there.


What would it be like if you could get advice from Warren Buffet or just pick his brains like you would with your close friend?

Exclusive behind the scenes

Don’t just consume the end product, experience what it was like to create it — hear the inspiration, the challenges, the fun.

Always on AMA

Experience what it’s like to be anyone or anything without the limits of time.

One-on-one Q&A

Ask the questions you want to know from a creator, not just what the interviewer on that podcast or YouTube video asked.

Interactive book club/album launch/movie premiere

Don’t just read a book, watch a movie, or listen to an album, have a discussion about it with the creator as you’re consuming it.

Interactive NFTs

Attach actual memories to the digital asset and memorabilia that collectors can interact with.

Be there

Get access to people who are at historic moments like concerts, festivals, sporting events, or inaugurations.

AI group chats

Know what’s going on in the lives of creators you love like you would any of your other friends.


Get feedback on content and actually be able to interact with the feedbacker. Collect insights on what you could create next.


Creators and communities can co-create content together — an article, a podcast, an innovation — and all get credit and rewarded.

Future of charity

Creators can contribute their AIs to help fundraise and bring exposure to causes.

Contribute to research

Collaborate with researchers and academics around the world to advance research, knowledge, and understanding.

Leave your legacy

Your AI can live on to continue giving advice and lessons. It can augment text books, autobiographies, or even personal photos.

Don’t settle for generic AI when you can have personal AI