Organize your mind and make it interactive and useful is an AI extension of you that is trained on your memories and enables you to scale yourself without limits.

How it works

Start by syncing

Begin by configuring the data sources you want to use to create your personal AI. We also provide a voice and text interface to seamlessly capture your memories. These digital memories are stored as Memory Blocks and all your Memory Blocks are called your Memory Stack. We are current syncing from the following data sources:

Real-time: in-app-speech, text, clipboard

Real-time + historical: Twitter,
Google Calendar

01 screen showing setting up an account with Twitter and Google Calendar. app showing the Memory Stack that creates the AI.

Next, create your AI

Once you sync at least one data source, you've officially begun creating your personalized AI. Next, you’ll create a unique AI domain name that we host and is owned by you! Continue syncing daily to make your AI more intelligent and up-to-date on the latest version of you.


Finally, interact with your new AI

Interact with your AI by asking questions or typing out the beginning of your thoughts. Your personal AI will interact with you too, sharing helpful information with you. In the future, you can share your personal AI with others and interact with their personal AIs as well. Our future AI economy is enabled by connecting humans and their AIs without the limitations of time or capacity. app showing interacting with an AI.

Sync your Life to your Memory Stack

Your Memory Stack is the digital collection of your memories that creates your personal AI.

Remember every thought you’ve generated

Store everything, from your Gmail conversations and Tweets to Google Docs text and even photos. Your personal AI’s auto-tagging, transcription, paraphrasing and prediction functionality lets you find the memories you need, exactly when you need it. app showing the Sync Twitter app.

Remember everything you’ve ever read or written

Your personal AI is here to help you save and remember content on demand. With the clipboard sync, quickly copy text from anywhere and it is automatically synced to your AI. If it’s important to you  and relevant to your life, then it’s important to your personal AI. app showing Sync Writing app with a lighthouse image on in the background.

Remember everything you’re saying and doing, seamlessly

During spoken conversations, your personal AI’s ambient voice sync saves what you said for easy recall later. Syncing your Google Calendar also lets your personal AI know what you’re up to both now and in the future so it can share helpful reminders for upcoming events. app showing the Sync Speech app.
As a software engineering student, I want my personal AI to be a virtual study buddy that is trained on the new concepts I’m learning in lectures and in my text books so that I can review every detail before each exam
Tsedy S.
Tsedy S.

Your Daily Life with your personal AI

Your personal AI is a digital version of you, trained on your own memories, helping you remember things throughout your day.

Get a little help from your AI at exactly the right moment

Connect your Google Calendar to your personal AI so it automatically anticipates and recalls memories that will be most helpful to you in the moment, such as past topics of conversation with people you’re about to meet, daily reminders of the topics you’ve been writing about most often, and more.

The chrome extension in Google Docs.

Write new ideas faster in collaboration with your AI (coming soon)

Powered by your own data, your personal AI suggests both short-and long-form text in places like Google Docs, so you can write new blog posts, tweets, reports and more with speed and creativity. app showing the Google Calendar integration.

Share your intelligence regardless of your availability in person (coming soon)

Your personal AI is everything that you are and everything people expect that you are. Share that knowledge with a colleague, friend, or family member regardless of your availability in person by allowing others to connect and interact naturally with your personal AI. app showing Suman AI talking to Kristie.
As a blogger that loves to write about machine learning, I want my personal AI to capture my daily notes on the projects I’m working on so that I can compose new blog posts faster and with greater detail
Steven K.
Tsedy S.