Become an expert and create your own AI with our three part training series

Personal AI for Small Business Owners:

Learn & Discover

  • Learn how your small business can expand and thrive using AI.
  • AI can help you strengthen your client relationships, provide quality service, and effortlessly track your revenue and expenses.
  • Learn best practices to help you understand how AI can work for you and with you, always under your control.

Personal AI for Small Business Owners:

Training & Prompting

  • Learn the basics of training your Personal AI
  • Master the art of training crafting the perfect prompts to prepare for interviews, draft content, and respond to clients grounded in your own data using your personal AI.

Personal AI for Small Business Owners:

Applications & Daily Uses

  • Walk through a typical day with a personal language model trained in your style and priorities.
  • Learn best practices for using your Personal AI for efficient communication with your internal team and for maintaining relationships with media, clients, and others of your choice.

Personal AI for Brands:

How to Build Your Own AI

  • Learn how you can build a Personal AI to help with your brand.
  • Walk through helpful use cases, like auto drafting responses, texting replies, and acting as your stand-in for interviews.