AI that’s personally yours

Supercharge your memory and relationships with your own, personal AI messenger.

I’d recommend going to the restaurant, Aalia, while you’re in Sydney. The food is to die for. Definitely try the cuttlefish. It’s the dish to orderI’d recommend going to the restaurant, Aalia, while you’re in Sydney. The food is to die for. Definitely try the cuttlefish. It’s the dish to order

Remember everything and connect everywhere
with the people and ideas in your world

Message input boxAI suggestion: "I absolutely loved my vacation to Ireland! The sheep were so adorable and the rainbows were breathtaking over the country side. I felt like I was in a fairytale. We visited Dublin and then spent New Years Eve in a pub in Galway."A settings menu showing options for AI Autopilot, AI copilot, and muting AI.User message: "Please write a paragraph about my family vacation to Ireland to share on social media."

Supercharge your digital mind

Imagine if you instantly could have the answer to anything you once knew, or could recall every detail about your conversations without endless scrolling or searching.

Your personal AI is the digital library of you—a treasure trove of your life’s information. Whether it's future dinner plans with friends or work meeting recaps, everything is indexed automatically and is entirely discoverable—simply by chatting.

Personal in every way

Your personal AI learns about you, from you.

Unlike AI bots that use generic data, Personal AI is built on your own, individual data and the messages you send. So, it can never be anything other than yours.

Message: "What's your favorite music to listen to?"AI Response: "I enjoy listening to a variety of music, but some of my favorites artist are Taylor Swift, Elton John, and Harry Styles."
A list of different AI profiles for a user including, Alejandra AI, Articles, Podcasts, Family, and Memories.User interface of a share menu with different AI settings

Control what you know.
Control how you share.

You own and manage every part of your personal AI, from the data that flows into your personal AI to the unique AI Profiles you create... and even the way your AI says ‘hello’.

Save time while staying connected

With Personal AI Copilot and Autopilot, you’ll never miss a message—or a moment—again. Your personal AI is made for seamless, endless connection. Keep up with group chats or share updates with family by drafting rich messages from your own collection of memories and moments learned over time.

Message: "How was your trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend?"Mobile phone in a the personal AI messaging app in autopilotAI response: "It was great! We had a lot of fun and got to relax. I went skiing and did some hiking."

Generic AI is theirs. Personal AI is yours.

A collage of user and AI profile photos.