The future of AI

An AI that’s trained on the memories that move you

by personal ai You own your intelligence from  your own AI, your data is save, no misuse of data, personal ai is your second brain. use personal ai assistant to save your precious moments for now and forever. data privacy is fully ensured here

Personal AI is an AI self-trained on data you create as an individual. The data is captured as life happens and is structured into memories. A memory comprises many elements, such as time, context, people, locations, emotions, tone and visual information. Personal AI then integrates your memories into everyday life, offering a little help as you make decisions and as you express yourself; to own your intelligence.

Own your memory data. Forever.

You own your data, now and forever. We do not mine your data, treating your private information as a product to be sold to advertisers. You are our customer and protecting your memories with the best data security available is our job.

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