The future of AI

Equitable AI Accessible to All Humans

We want to empower all human lives with the benefits of equitable and unbiased AI. We want an AI that is built from individual experiences, that is private to the individual alone, and secured with the best technologies available. Our ultimate goal is to benefit individual human lives by retaining memories so they can be effortlessly recalled when needed.

You Are Not the Product

You own your data, now and forever. We do not mine your data, treating your private information as a product to be sold to advertisers. You are our customer and protecting your memories with the best data security available is our job.
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Recall, Not Search

Search is an interruption in our thoughts, recall flows as part of our thoughts. We spend nearly 20% of our time searching for information instead of seamlessly recalling our memories. Think what we could accomplish if we could recall that information without having to stop and search.

Intranet, Not Internet

The internet tells the world's story, not yours. We want to safekeep your intranet -the things that mean the world to you, but have no place on the internet. We want to give the individual human the power to build a secure and private intranet from their own thoughts, opinions, and ideas so they can recall their life.
Memory Stack

A Digital Version of Human Memory

Grounded in neuroscience, we are building something similar to human memories with technology. Human AI transforms what you say and write into digital memories that are secured with blockchain in what we call your “Memory Stack.” You own your Memory Stack and it serves you alone by safekeeping the precious memories you never want to forget.

Personal AI

Your Authentic Thoughts When You Need Them

With your personal AI, you will be able to seamlessly recall your great ideas when you need them most. Using your secure Memory Stack, your personal AI will help you recall your relevant memories. For example, when you can write more efficiently with predictive suggestions (think autocomplete with your own words).