Supercharge your discussions

Built-in Personal AI messaging for an everlasting connection with the people and ideas in your world.

The only thing more powerful than your personal AI is you

Unlock original ideas in seconds

Your personal AI is your real-time personal knowledge engine. Capture, safeguard, and intelligently organize your knowledge within reach.


No tagging, no subfolders, no wasted time. Your AI catalogs new ideas and content for you in seconds.


No more jumping between different tabs and tools. Centralize your knowledge all in one place.

Chat bubble

Stop searching for keywords. Ask your AI for the answer you need, when you need it.

Accelerate your everyday

Your AI-powered knowledge engine helps you save time, simply by messaging.


Message your AI to add information you’d like to remember or learn later.


Message your AI to generate a draft from earlier chats.


Message your AI to surface forgotten details or ideas.

Coming Soon

Stay connected, even when you’re out of office

Scale your free time while growing your brand. Share access to your personal AI with your clients, colleagues, or community.

Hand Shake

Choose to connect with anyone directly, or let your AI do the talking.


Scale your business impact and your learning with real-time Q&A.


Turn your expertise into income with exclusive subscriptions.

Personal in every way

An AI as unique as you

Your personal AI is a digital version of your mind that continuously learns from your uniquely curated knowledge, memories, inspirations, and experiences. It works like you, acts like you, and responds like you would.

Built on privacy and control

We believe your data should be yours and only yours. All your data is fully secured and encrypted by blockchain technology in partnership with Oasis Labs. And we’ll never ever sell your data.

More helpful over time

Your AI learns from you and refines its skills over time. By training your AI on a constant stream of knowledge, you will be able to quickly combine and understand concepts, recall inspiration, and give you the building blocks to create anything.

No coding skills needed

Creating a personal AI is more about routine than a complex process. Train your AI by chatting with it or uploading content regularly. Remember and get answers simply by asking questions.

Built for unlimited flexibility

Automate your mind with personal AI messaging

Course creators & coaches

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Students & researchers

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Legacy leavers

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Thought leaders

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VCs & entrepreneurs

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Your all-in-one messaging companion

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You or anyone you share your AI with can simply ask a question to search your digital mind to instantly get your thoughts, perspectives, and answers.


AI Co-pilot

AI as your copilot coming soon
Save time responding to messages. Let your AI generate a rough draft to review before clicking send.


Smart Questions

Your AI automatically generates questions for everything you upload so you can easily recall what you know without digging through search results.

Bulleted list

Get highlights from any article you upload with just a click.

Chat bubbles

Teach your AI by simply having a chat.


To jot down an idea, just message your AI. in the media

Trusted by experts and business leaders

Kary Oberbrunner
"Personal AI is the new innovation for next level impact. Thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, and influencers should seriously consider this technology as a means of optimizing their content. Time is always a coveted commodity. Personal AI multiples our reach and enables me to ignite even more souls."
Mike Longmeadow
"When I finish reading a book, I often find myself wanting more. As I've worked at developing my personal AI, was delighted to discover my readers will have the opportunity to explore the content of my books on a more personal level, and explore specific themes, something huge for any fiction fan and author. Giving readers a direct access to the content in this way feels like giving my books a second life!"
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Don’t settle for generic AI when you can have personal AI