About Personal.ai

Realizing the full creative potential of humanity

Dunbar’s number suggests that about two-thirds of our total social time and emotional capital is devoted to just 15 people in our lives. With technology today, we have the potential to connect with many more, but we’re still limited in our abilities to form deeper, more valuable connections.

By connecting individuals with their own personal AIs and allowing others to connect with their AIs, we are unlocking a new way for people to collaborate and exchange ideas, unleashing more creative possibilities into the world. For the first time, we can increase the supply of an individual’s time beyond the 24 hours we have each day. In this way, your personal AI is an extension of you that enables you to scale yourself without limits. Now, you have the potential to make all your knowledge, experiences, and creativity accessible to anyone who is interested in messaging and communicating with your AI to benefit from your experience.

At Personal.ai, we are deeply passionate about building responsible technology that moves the world forward. Creators and the creative industry are at the center of this. They’ve always led innovation because they’re fundamentally exploratory and hungry for ways to help create change and improve our lives.

If you’re interested in helping us build a new network centered on creators and their communities please join us. We can’t wait to see what we create together.

Our team

We are a collection of entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives, and scientists who are passionate about creating ethical, equitable, and unbiased AI. We want to build AI that improves human lives by helping aid recall and focusing on data privacy, transparency, and ownership.

Suman Kanuganti

Founder, CEO

About Suman

Two-time venture-backed entrepreneur, AI expert, and accessibility champion awarded Forbes 40 Under 40 and Smithsonian’s Top Innovator to Watch awards Suman Kanuganti, pronouns he/him, is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Personal.ai.

A creative entrepreneur who loves robots, technology, and humans, Suman is most known for founding Aira, where he scaled AI and AR technology to assist the blind and low-vision community. Today, as the CEO of Personal AI, Suman is focused on empowering every individual to own their intelligence and be their own thought leader with an AI extension of their memory.

The recipient of many prestigious awards, including Forbes 40 Under 40 and the Smithsonian’s Top Innovator to Watch, Suman holds his BE degree in Engineering, MS in Robotics, MBA in Entrepreneurship, and seven patents in emerging technologies.

Sharon Zhang

Co-Founder, CTO

About Sharon

Standout woman technical leader in AI and Natural Language Processing, with over a decade of experience building innovations for both large and startup companies.

Sharon Zhang, pronouns she/her, is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Personal.ai. Deeply passionate about humans and the technologies that evolve alongside us, Sharon has spent the past decade building AI and Natural Language Processing products that impact the lives of patients, employees and everyday people.

She has experience leading dev teams at large tech companies Nuance Communications, Kaiser Permanente and LinkedIn, as well as at startups Glint, eScription, Linguamatics, and Parametros Capital. She is also a graduate of MIT where she double majored in Biology and Electrical and Computer Science Engineering with double minors in Economics and Biomedical Engineering.

Kristie Kaiser

Co-Founder, Head of UX & Design

About Kristie

Kristie Kaiser, pronouns she/her, is the Co-founder and Head of UX at Personal.ai. She studied graphic design at San Diego State University and has been part of 4 early-stage tech startups in biotech, hospitality, and consumer technology.

As the lead designer at Aira, she created the product’s UX, and company brand called a “Godsend” by the New York Times.

Named Forbes 30 under 30 in 2022 for consumer technology, Kristie’s work puts people at ease with a natural, fluid, and inclusive user experience. Her patience, empathy, and maturity are irreplaceable characteristics

Chiyong Jones


About Chiyong

Award-winning creative and marketing leader, specializing in building teams of makers and thinkers and giving life and emotion to brands.

Chiyong Jones, pronouns he/him, is the Chief Marketing Officer at Personal.ai. He believes stories have the power to connect people and change the world and is most proud of the brands he’s helped build that have made a positive impact on people’s lives.

Before Personal.ai, Chiyong led the full rebrand and IPO of GoodRx and built the global brand and creative group at Honey, leading to a successful acquisition by PayPal. Prior to that, he led award-winning campaigns for iconic brands like Google, Starbucks, Netflix, Microsoft, and IBM. He’s an Emmy nominee and his work has helped two different agencies win Agency of the Year and earn a spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list.

Our investors and partners

Andy White: Keshif Ventures
Anthony Moschella: Facebook
Ben Casnocha: Village Global VC
Ciro Campagnoli: Beni VC
Dave Gilboa: Good Friends VC,
Warby Parker
David Magerman: Differential Ventures, Renaissance Technologies
Jane Street Capital
Jeff Foster: HomeVision
Josh Duyan: Ctrl-Labs, Facebook
Kelvin Beachum: NFL Athlete, Arizona Cardinals
Nisha Dua: BBG Ventures, AOL
Susan Lyne: BBG Ventures, Disney, ABC, Gilt.com