Your memories are kept private

We’re not like other tech companies that peer into the content you create on their platforms. With, every memory you save is encrypted for your privacy and ownership and in the near future will be secured with blockchain technology.

Privacy Means Data Ownership

At, we believe in building our product with human-aligned ethical values. That’s why we’re building our product to keep your data as private and secure as possible, so that nobody–not even us–can access it without your permission.

Our team has a saying,

You are not the product, is the product.

You are our customer and our company is committed to creating your personal AI to meet your needs. We will never sell your data to other companies. We want to give you ultimate control over your data, so that you truly own it.


Privacy at Other Companies

Privacy is a big topic of discussion these days, but in actuality, a difficult thing to do well. The tech giants that control vast amounts of consumer data are moving away from data privacy. This is because their business model treats customer data as the product - selling your information for advertisements is how they make their money. We started, in part, in opposition to this trend.

We believe that people should have access to the incredible capabilities made possible by advances in AI, but without having to sacrifice who they are.

As a start-up, we have the opportunity to build innovative technology in the right way. We are putting our time, energy and money into making privacy the heart and soul of your personal AI. We believe that you are not the product - which is why we’ve created a revenue model that doesn’t depend on ads, but on subscriptions for those that can afford it, and microtransactions.


Privacy at

At, our creators own their own data, now and forever. What does this mean in terms of your AI? If you don’t like what is in your private memories, you can remove it. Our job is to make sure your data, that you control, is secure. Currently, your data is secured at rest and in transit in cloud storage, with industry standard encryptions on top of it. You can think of this encryption as a lock that keeps your data safe. Furthermore, your data is only used to train your AI, and will never be used to train somebody else’s AI.

In the future, we’re committed to giving you even more control and privacy over your data through blockchain technology.
04 Privacy in the Future

At, privacy begins and ends with total user owner ship of data. This isn’t just transparency, it is control of your data. That’s why we are partnering with Oasis Labs, in order to keep all your memories private and secure on blockchain. Building your AI with this level of privacy now prevents our company from ever accessing your information in the future.

How does this work?

Decentralized Identity

We are building your virtual identity on blockchain, which means that your data will be kept anonymous from your virtual identity.

Guaranteed ownership

We are working to build our security so that only you have access to your individual information. We are building your virtual identity on blockchain, which means that your data will be secured by unique keys on the chain. We are working to get those into your hands, that way you can feel good knowing that you have complete ownership and control of your data.

Separation between Data and Computing

We are building our technology so that your data is never kept with other users’ data, either at rest or in transit.

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