Your Privacy


We ensure that you retain ownership of your data.

At Personal AI, privacy begins and ends with total user ownership of data. This isn’t just transparency, it is control of your data. Building your AI with this level of privacy now prevents our company from ever accessing your information in the future.


We promise unmatched system security.

We built tools for professionals who must get it right every time. From doctors and lawyers to SMBs to fortune 50 businesses, our clients cannot afford to entrust their data to just anyone. That's why we are dedicated to implementing SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR security and privacy frameworks before the end of this year.

File with Lock

We keep your data separate and secure.

We built our technology so that your data is never kept with other users’ data, either at rest or in transit.


We make it easy for you to control your personal information.

If you don’t like what is in your private memories, you can update it or remove it. Our job is to make sure your data, is secure and fully in your control. Your data is only used to train your AI, and will never be used to train somebody else’s AI.


We ensure your data stays private.

Your data is secured at rest and in transit, with industry standard encryptions on top of it. You can think of this encryption as a lock that keeps your data safe.

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