Unlocking the Power of Personal AI with Integrations

In the digital age, our interactions and memories are increasingly stored in various digital formats, from emails and documents to messages and social media posts. Understanding this, we've worked tirelessly to enhance your Personal AI experience by introducing a suite of new integrations designed to make your AI more personal and powerful. Here's how you can leverage these integrations to train your AI on your unique digital footprint, making it a true extension of you.

Storage Integrations

Your Digital Memory Expanded

Google Drive

Premium Integration


Premium Integration

Your AI can now directly access your Google Drive and OneDrive, acting as an extended memory bank. Imagine having an AI that remembers every report, every project plan, and even those vacation photos you're fond of - ready to retrieve them at a moment's notice. Here's how you can use these integrations:

Memory Recall

Train your AI to fetch documents or images from specific dates, projects, or events.

Up-To-The-Minute Information

Your AI, trained specifically on your digital footprint, updates your digital memory in real time, ensuring your team and followers are always in sync with the latest information.

Google drive connected in the Personal AI App
An AI drafted email in the Personal AI App

Communication Integrations

Enhancing Your Interactions


Premium Integration


Premium Integration

Elevate your email management with our Outlook and Gmail integrations. Your Personal AI can sift through your inbox, digest your important emails to help you train your AI easily, and even draft responses based on your past interactions. Utilize these tools for:

Email Training

Train your AI easily on how to respond like you to your frequently asked questions or routine operations that take time away from doing real work.

Smart Responses

Elevate Integration

Set your AI to draft responses to frequent inquiries, reflecting your personal tone and style. Automate regular communication like status updates to your team or weekly check-ins.



Elevate Integration


Website Chatbot

Elevate Integration

Extend your AI's capabilities to SMS and website interactions, providing real-time, AI-powered responses. Whether it's answering customer queries via your website chatbot or managing personal messages through SMS, your AI is equipped to communicate efficiently. Implement these integrations for:

Automated Customer Service

Use the Website Chatbot to provide instant responses to common customer questions, 24/7.

Personalized Respnses

Share your dedicated AI phone number to streamline client communications over SMS, review before sending on Copilot or send automatically on Autopilot.

Social Media Integration

Stay Connected Effortlessly


Coming Soon

We're excited to announce that an Instagram integration is on the horizon! This upcoming feature will allow your Personal AI to post on your behalf, engage with followers, and even manage direct messages, keeping your social presence active and engaging.

AI Powered DMs

Answer your DMs and other messages with your AI making sure that you always stay on message and connect with your followers on their time.

Instagram DMs powered by Personal AI