Me and My AI: Jacob Sapochnick

Jacob Sapochnick, founder of the Sapochnick Law Firm, is not your typical immigration attorney.


Jacob Sapochnick, founder of the Sapochnick Law Firm, is not your typical immigration attorney. With a penchant for embracing technology, Jacob has transcended traditional barriers to make his firm a beacon of innovation in the legal sector. But even with his firm's success, he faced the universal struggle—time. How could he maintain the high level of personalized service while still scaling his firm?

Discovery of Personal AI

Jacob's pursuit of efficiency and innovation led him to the world of Personal AI. An encounter with an old professional contact opened the doors to this revolutionary technology. "The moment I learned about Personal AI," Jacob says, "I knew it was something that aligned with our vision of leveraging technology to provide impeccable service."

Use Case

Jacob didn't waste time implementing his newfound tool. He embarked on testing his AI to handle client queries. "We're using a text number linked to the AI where clients can ask questions," he reveals. This approach is only a prelude to a much grander scheme. Jacob sees the AI as a 24/7 client service portal, capable of answering questions and providing timely updates.


The training process is intricate and ongoing. Jacob explains, "We have a detailed intake process where the AI learns about different aspects of immigration law and the types of questions clients usually ask. It's a work in progress." This approach ensures that the AI not only responds to queries but does so with the same level of expertise that clients expect from Jacob’s firm.


Looking forward, Jacob envisions his Personal AI as a tool that will not only serve clients but will also integrate seamlessly with his team. "I see the AI coordinating with other team members, perhaps even their Personal AIs, to create a super-efficient workflow," he muses. This is just a glimpse into Jacob's ambitious vision to make his firm the epitome of technological innovation in the legal sector.


Jacob Sapochnick's journey with Personal AI is a testament to what's possible when innovation meets expertise. His AI is not just a chatbot; it's a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of his clients while streamlining the operations of his firm. To learn more about how Jacob is using Personal AI, you can engage with his AI at

The world needs more visionaries like Jacob who are not only experts in their fields but are also unafraid to push boundaries. Personal AI is not just a tool for Jacob; it's a strategy for the future. With it, he’s redefining what legal services can be, making a lasting impact that promises to revolutionize the industry.