Community Lounge Guidelines

Effective Date: April 24, 2023

Personal AI Community Lounges are designated community spaces where users can chat with others, the Team, exchange ideas and stories about their personal AI, ask questions, and discover helpful tips and strategies for growing and using their personal AI.

Our Community Lounge Guidelines apply to all users and Community Lounges, and are intended to help users understand:

  • The principles guiding Personal AI Community Lounges;
  • The rules and expectations we have for those within Community Lounges; 
  • The actions the Team may take to resolve concerns; and
  • The actions users may take if they come across a user or message that appears to break the Community Guidelines.

Our commitment to our principles

At, we are grounded by our mission to augment how humans connect with their memories and the people in their lives. We believe in the power of ideas and expression to enrich others’ experiences. Since the start, we have been committed to our principles of authenticity, transparency, and inclusion. The goal of our Community Lounge Guidelines is to define our Community Lounges as respectful spaces for idea exchange, learning, and authentic connection. 

Our expectations for Community Lounges

Be respectful 

Personal AI Community Lounges are intended to be productive learning and resource environments where members can exchange ideas and experiences with others and the Team.

We expect users will maintain respectful communication at all times in order to preserve a productive exchange of ideas for all members within Personal AI Community Lounges. 

Be authentic 

Authenticity is one of our core principles. We encourage users to be curious, ask questions, and share their honest and authentic perspectives about their experience with their personal AI. 

What is not permitted

Everyone’s voices are welcome, especially passionate opinions that can lead to constructive, healthy debate. 

However, we believe that honoring differences does not mean accepting abuse. Examples of prohibited content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Violence. Threats, including veiled threats, of violence or harm to self, others, or animals. This includes encouraging violence, discussing graphic or violent imagery, or any other forms of violence.
  • Abuse. Disrespect, bullying, harassment, or promoting hate;
  • Inauthenticity. Trolling, impersonation, doxxing, spam, or other misuse;
  • Child endangerment. Suggestive, inappropriate, or sexual posts, and encouragement of such posts involving minors; and
  • Anything illegal. Illegal content or anything that suggests illegal activity. 


We take the safety of Personal AI Community Lounges seriously. 

If it is determined that a user or message breaks the Community Guidelines, we will take appropriate action under the circumstances. Such action may range from warnings, content removal, temporary account suspension, and permanent account suspension, to any other steps determined to be appropriate. We may also take early, interim measures to ensure that Community Lounges remain respectful spaces for our employees, partners, users, and others. 

Members of Personal AI’s Community Lounges may report any of the above activities to the Team at Members also have the ability to block individual users as well as remove users from the Community Lounges that they own and manage.