Me & My AI: John McFadyen

Scaling Wisdom: A Conversation with Agile Guru John McFadyen on Leveraging Personal AI for Global Education

Scaling Wisdom: A Conversation with Agile Guru John McFadyen on Leveraging Personal AI for Global Education

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, agility isn't just a methodology, but a necessity. The essence of agile and scrum methodologies has always revolved around adapting to change and continuous improvement. Our latest episode of "Me and My AI" hosts John McFadyen, a seasoned agile mentor and the founding partner of Agile Center in England, who has taken a futuristic leap to scale his teachings globally using personal AI. The dialogue explores how John has trained his AI on his extensive courses and writings, aiming to democratize agile learning and support individuals and teams worldwide in leveraging agile and scrum methodologies.

The Journey to Agile Mastery

John's voyage into the world of agile began two decades ago from a software developer's desk, working on systems where failure was not an option. His discovery of Test Driven Development, an integral part of extreme programming and one of the early agile frameworks, was a game-changer. Transitioning from solving technical problems to handling people-centric issues as a Scrum Master, John scaled from working with one team to leading massive agile adoptions globally. His diverse experiences with companies like Deutsche Telekom and McKenzie and Company enriched his agile and scrum expertise, eventually inspiring him to educate others.

The Genesis of Personal AI Training

Curiosity about the emerging field of AI led John to the Personal AI platform. The ability of this platform to encapsulate his voice and wisdom was a captivating feature. John saw an opportunity to reach a global audience, debunk common agile myths, and provide a reliable source of agile knowledge. By recording his online courses and uploading articles, documents, and YouTube videos, he began the meticulous process of training his AI. The introduction of sub-personas on the platform allowed him to catalog various aspects of agile and other content, serving as a rich repository of knowledge ready to interact with the curious minds.

The Intersection of Stoicism and Agile

One of the intriguing areas John is exploring is the intersection between stoicism and agile. Through a dedicated sub-persona, John dives into the philosophical dimensions of agile practices, showcasing the potential of personal AI in aiding intellectual explorations and synthesizing ideas from diverse domains.

The Future of Personal AI in Agile Education

John’s AI, accessible at, stands as a testament to the potential of leveraging personal AI for educational purposes. It serves as an interactive platform where individuals can delve into the realms of agile and scrum, ask questions, and gain insights directly from John’s extensive experience. The iterative feedback from users not only enriches the AI's learning but also highlights areas where John can contribute further to the agile community.


The conversation with John McFadyen unveils the promising horizon of personal AI in augmenting global education and mentorship in the agile domain. His endeavor underscores the transformative impact personal AI can have on scaling individual expertise, providing a beacon for thought leaders striving to extend their reach and make a lasting impact in their respective fields. Visit to engage with John’s AI and dive deeper into the agile methodology's nuanced world.