Empowering Personal
Control and Privacy

Personal AI is dedicated to enabling everyone to create and own their unified memory and their personal AI for universal access. Our advanced system offers a multi-persona, multi-modal, and multi-channel experience, ensuring your AI is truly yours.

Key Features

Here's what sets your small language model apart from the large language models (LLMs) built for the masses.

Long and Short-Term Memory Integration

Our system integrates both long-term and short-term memory components with a conversational model that mirrors the interaction between long-term and working memory. This architecture enhances the understanding of multi-party dialogues involving several humans and AIs, going beyond single human-AI interactions.

 A screenshot of a mobile phone with a message from a contact named "Portfolio Companies". The message reads: "Compare the first quarter earnings of our top portfolio company from 2024 with the first quarter of 2023. GreenTech Innovations has shown robust growth and improved profitability in Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023. The company's strategic focus on high-margin products, expansion into new markets, and continuous investment in technology development positions it well for sustained growth. Challenges include managing the rising costs of raw materials and navigating complex regulatory environments. Future strategies involve leveraging technological leadership to enter emerging markets in Asia and further developing next-generation products."

Multi-Persona Model

The hierarchical model incorporates multiple sub-personas, each with a separate memory bank. These personas are individually trained and ensure data privacy and control. The primary persona integrates the unified memories of all its sub-personas, making it applicable for personal, professional, team, or organizational use.

The image shows a list of AI personas. The primary AI is named Gianna AI. There are also personas for legal briefs, past cases, and depositions. There is a button to create a new persona.

Multi-Modal Personalization

The system supports creating personal voice clones (beta) and personalized image generation (DALL-E 3 powered). These voice clones are created with approximately 2 minutes of speech, reflecting the speaker's voice, tone, and personality traits.

A conversation between Mary Clark and Giana Ingram. Mary asks Giana to tell her about herself and Giana's AI responds with a generated voice response.

Multi-Channel Integrations

Personal AI can be integrated into various communication channels, including SMS and Instagram (beta) and Messenger (coming soon). This makes Personal AI universally accessible, facilitating both automated team communication and external client interactions.

a mobile phone with an Instagram direct message conversation between two users, "Madeline Fuller" and the user. The conversation has two messages from Madeline Fuller, both of which are blank. The user has not responded. There is a text box at the bottom of the screen where the user can type a message.
Getting Started

Your Personal AI Experience

Creating your Personal AI is a seamless process.
Here’s how you can get started:
Number 1

Sign Up and Onboard

Begin by signing up on our platform and following the onboarding process, where you will provide the necessary data for your AI to learn and grow.

Number 2

Train Your AI

Upload text, audio, and other relevant data to train your AI. This process ensures that your AI understands your preferences, tone, and personality.

The image is a screenshot of a conversation between a user and her personal AI. The user is asking the AI for advice on how to cross-examine a witness. The AI is providing the user with a list of strategies that they can use.
Number 3

Customize and Integrate

Customize your AI's personas, voice, and integration channels. Tailor it to suit both personal and professional needs.

Number 4

Engage and Interact

Start interacting with your AI across various channels. Use it for communication, content creation, personal assistance, and more.

Use Cases

Personal AI serves as a full-stack Human AI communication platform for individuals, businesses, and developers. Here are some examples of how users benefit from our technology:
Tela Halcomb

Tela Halcomb

Stock Coach & Consultant

Enhances team and client community communication based on internal SOPs and Q&As.

Jacob Sapochnick

Jacob Sapochnick

Immigration Lawyer

Automates leads and provides 24/7 client replies via SMS and social media.

Bob Simon

Bob Simon

Law Firm

Supports internal team expert knowledge and mentorship for incoming lawyers.

Christine Ha

Christine Ha

Celebrity Chef

Facilitates global fan interactions and personalized recipe creations and recommendations.

Contact Us

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