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Learn how to create an AI-powered digital twin based on your data with Personal AI.
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Train an AI model on your data in 2 weeks – Free for Personal AI Subscribers

Join us on a 2-week course on how to build an AI model trained on your personal data. You'll learn how to use the Personal AI app and how to leverage the Personal Language Model (PLM), or small language model, to retrieve all information about you. No code is involved at any time, we promise!

With a wealth of detailed on-demand lessons and community support, you can have your digital twin by the end of the month.

How It Works

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What You’ll Get Out of This Course


Learn all the skills to train your AI model from scratch

Understand the technology and tools used to train your AI model in Personal AI.

Structured Data

Train your AI with its first 100 memories

We'll guide you through the process of uploading your data to store at least 100 memories.

Chat Bubbles

Use your AI for messaging and connecting with others

Learn to use your AI for generating reply suggestions and building a chatbot for 1-on-1 chats and group lounges.

Connected path

Integrate your Personal AI into your daily workflows

Discover how to prompt your Personal AI and deploy it in both business and personal use cases.


Does the course cost $1 for Personal AI subscribers?

The Training Course costs $1 to the public but is completely free for anyone with an active Personal AI subscription. Our instructors will review your application, verify that your subscription is active, and then grant you access to the course, no credit card required.

Why does the course says the next cohort runs from Apr 1—June 30, 2024?

Occasionally we will run cohorts with live training webinars, but currently all training courses are self service. All content can be accessed on demand and completed at your own pace. You'll have lifetime access to course materials.

How long does the course take to complete?

Since the course is self service, you can complete it at your own pace! Most people complete the course in less than 2 weeks. The time it takes to complete depends on the amount of time you have to dedicate to training your AI.

How long does it take to apply to the training course?

The application is quick and easy, just answer a few questions about yourself and submit your application in under 3 minutes.

What is Maven? is an online platform that offers cohort-based courses on a wide variety of topics. The platform emphasizes interactive and engaging learning experiences, where participants can collaborate, network, and receive direct feedback from instructors and peers. Professionally trained Personal AI instructors lead all training courses on Maven.

I'm already subscribed to Personal AI. How do I apply for the Training Course?

To apply for the training course on Maven, click here.

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