Bringing the creative potential of AI to everyone

Redefine how you create, collaborate, and monetize your creativity.

A new collaborative network to unlock
the creative potential of humanity

Imagine a world where everyone has their own personal AIs they can train and share with their community.

Imagine creators using their personal AIs to create greater access to their knowledge, skills and creativity, unlocking new value and utility.

Imagine communities now being able to tap into the knowledge of creators around the world to inspire new possibilities.  

Imagine that connection and collaboration being powered by Web3, enabling creators and communities to build a new economy around their shared knowledge and creating value for everyone.

What is a personal AI?

A personal AI is a true digital extension and reflection of you - the way you think and behave, the things your passionate about, and the way you express yourself. Trained on your memories, knowledge and experiences, a personal AI is an AI as unique as you.

How do we build a
collaborative network?


Train your personal AI

Upload and train your personal AI on all your historical memories, knowledge and experiences in order to create utility and value from your data.


Co-create with your personal AI

Generate inspiration and co-create new content from memories old and new. Share that content with your community to interact with your AI.

For creators

For communities


Support creators

Support your favorite creators through a monthly membership that enables access to to their personal AIs. Interact one on one, in real-time.

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Interact and collaborate

Get unprecedented access to creative minds, interactive content, and unique perspectives. Participate in inspiring new ideas and creating new content.

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Unleash more creative potential

Connect to a network of personal AIs without the limits of capacity or time. Freely collaborate with any creator to unlock your full creative potential.


Launch your economy

Create a digital economy around your AI through a monthly membership . Membership enables access, rewards, and other creative interactions.

What are the benefits
for Creators?

BankCommunityData Storage

You own your data, AI model, and creative assets

You own your economy and the rules around it

You own the relationships,  there’s no middlemen

Gain independence

Create what you want and what your community values. you don't have to conform to popular taste, the constraints of ad-based models, or algorithms that only benefit platforms.


Make connections between different thoughts

Inspire insights and ideas from past memories

Generate new options and rough drafts

Unlock your full potential

Never start from a blank canvas. Combine your creativity with the power of your personal AI to extract value from the sum total of all your memories. Co-create and inspire new content, ideas, and innovations.

Enable greater access

Create unprecedented access to your time, knowledge, and creativity through your personal AI. Connect with your community at scale and amplify your voice and ideas.

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Build meaningful connections by providing true utility and value

Engage one on one with your entire community, no matter its size

Interact and collaborate with your community in entirely new ways


Gain utility from your data with your personal AI

Easily transfer the value tied to your knowledge

Reward community participation

Create your own economy

Your personal AI is a new digital asset you can build an entirely new economy around. One that puts you and your community at the center, not big tech platforms.

What are the benefits for Communities?

Access and benefit from the time, knowledge,
and creativity of your favorite creators.


Support creators

Directly support the creators you love and get value from


Access creator AIs

Gain unprecedented access to a creator’s knowledge and creativity


Unlock benefits

Interact with exclusive content and collaborate with AIs

Stack of coins

Shared value

Engage in and benefit from the success of a creator’s economy media

Ready to redefine how you create, collaborate, and monetize your creativity?