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When your expertise is stretched beyond the hours in your day.

Leverage expert-specific infrastructure, data, and collaboration to drive impactful efficiencies, including:


Earn Around the Clock

Be accessible to your team and clients around the clock via email, text, or direct messages. Maintain focus on essential activities by efficiently managing repetitive communications. Ensure your team and clients can access necessary information across various time zones and during any time away or on vacation.

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Efficiency with Precision Control

Boosts operational efficiency without sacrificing oversight, ensuring flawless recall of past information and the nuances of your expertise. It combines your personal expertise with a comprehensive repository of collective knowledge, all accessible from a single centralized location, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Get useful, reliable, accessible data in real time.

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Structured Data

Gain a complete overview

Efficiently consolidate fragmented, isolated source data into comprehensive company records, accurately reflecting the current status of any part of your business, instantly.


Discover Hidden Opportunities

Personal AI for Experts enhances your efficiency, unlocking hidden potential and fostering innovation. Your AI retains all inputs and makes insightful connections that might otherwise be missed.

Enable mission-critical expertise across all domains.

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Enhance Communication and Collaboration

Digital twins enable seamless information exchange and knowledge sharing among clients, staff, and partnerships. You can focus on critical tasks while digital twins manage routine information requests.

Boost productivity by minimizing time spent searching for information and awaiting responses.


Preserve Expertise Indefinitely

Capture and retain invaluable knowledge and expertise from all contributors. Eliminate gaps caused by turnover and ensure continuity by preserving the insights and history provided by previous learnings.

A screenshot of a text message conversation. The user is asking for advice on public speaking. The response from the other person is that public speaking can be daunting but it is important to remember that everyone feels nervous when they first start out. The key is to focus on your message and connect with your audience.

Build with the AI that you own and is designed with accuracy and privacy in its core.

Your own AI, a personally-tuned model, built to cater to your staff and your customers specific needs.


Streamlining Flows

Reduce administrative burdens and address demand mismatches, enabling professionals to manage and integrate information more effectively. Standardize inputs across your team to enhance data utilization.

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Innovate Safely & Responsibly

Personal AI ensures data privacy and security, adhering strictly to professional conduct rules. Each model is uniquely trained on the user’s own data, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining client confidentiality. Access and use of client data is protected through the implementation of industry standard secure infrastructure like data encryption SOC 2, AES256 at rest, we use TLS 1.3 in transit with RSA key exchange, GDPR, HIPAA (Coming 2024) complying with top industry data protection standards.

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Customized Solutions

Personal AI offers bespoke models
designed with your business reputation and expertise in mind. It integrates seamlessly with your workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Personal AI for Health

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The trailblazing trial attorney who's transforming mentorship with AI

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