Customizing Your AI

Personalize your AI to reflect your unique preferences and needs. With our advanced customization features, you can tailor your AI’s personality, knowledge, and capabilities to align perfectly with your style. Choose how your AI interacts, from professional to friendly tones, ensuring it communicates the way you prefer. Select specific domains and topics for your AI to focus on, so it becomes an expert in areas that matter most to you. Enhance its abilities to handle tasks efficiently, providing you with a truly personalized and effective digital assistant. Your AI evolves to become a seamless extension of yourself.

AI Personas

Segment different parts of your life with AI personas. Whether you need a co-pilot for work, an autopilot for daily tasks, or a companion for personal interactions, create distinct personas to manage various aspects of your life effectively.

The image shows a list of AI personas. The primary AI is named Own AI. There are also personas for business, product, and marketing. There is a button to create a new persona.

Personality Customization

Shape your AI's personality to align with your style. Whether you prefer a professional tone or a friendly companion, you have full control over your AI's demeanor and communication style.

The image shows a purple background with a headshot of Owen McLaughlin in a circle in the bottom right corner. There are three bullet points on the left side of the image that say "Reserved", "Resilient", and "Insightful" with an "x" next to each one.

Knowledge Customization

Train your AI on the specific domains and topics it should focus on. Whether it’s business strategies, personal interests, or technical know-how, tailor your AI’s knowledge base to what matters most to you.

The image shows a user interface for a cloud storage service. The user, Owen McLaughlin, has uploaded three files: a Google Drive folder, a document called "Leadership Summit", and a video called "Podcast Episode 102".

Capability Customization

Enhance your AI’s abilities to better serve your needs. From automating tasks to providing detailed insights, adjust the capabilities to ensure your AI is both useful and efficient.

The image is a screenshot of a chat window. The user is comparing the first-quarter earnings of their top portfolio company from 2024 with the first quarter of 2023. The company being discussed is GreenTech Innovations. The user states that GreenTech Innovations has shown robust growth and improved profitability in Q1 2024 compared to Q1 2023. The company's strategic focus on high-margin products, expansion into new markets, and continuous investment in technology development positions it well for sustained growth. Challenges include managing the rising cost of raw materials and navigating complex regulatory environments.

AI Management


Personal Scores

Track and improve your AI’s performance with personal scores. Monitor how effectively your AI assists you and identify areas for improvement.

Arrows in a circle

Clear Memory

Maintain control over your AI’s knowledge base by clearing its memory when needed. This feature allows you to manage what your AI retains, ensuring it stays current and relevant to your needs.


Delete AI

Have the power to delete your AI and its data at any time. Maintain complete control over your digital assistant, ensuring it remains a tool that works for you.

Information Control

Structured Data

Training Data Management

Decide what information your AI learns from. You have the authority to include or exclude data sources, ensuring your AI is trained on relevant and appropriate information.


Privacy and Data Sharing

Choose your privacy settings and data sharing preferences. Control how your data is used and shared, ensuring your personal information remains secure and private.

Behavior and Interaction


Setting Boundaries

Define the boundaries for your AI's behavior and interactions. Set guidelines to ensure your AI operates within acceptable parameters, providing a safe and respectful experience.


Human Oversight Controls

Implement human oversight to review and guide your AI’s actions. Ensure that your AI’s decisions and interactions align with your expectations and ethical standards. Use autopilot for your AI to operate independently once you are comfortable with its training, and co-pilot mode where you oversee its actions but the AI writes and completes tasks automatically.


How do I ensure my data remains private?

You have full control over your privacy settings and data sharing preferences, ensuring your personal information is handled according to your comfort level.

Can I choose what information my AI has access to?

Yes, you can manage the data sources and specific information your AI is trained on from the information control settings.

How can I customize my AI's personality?

You can adjust your AI’s personality through the settings menu, where you can select from various personality traits and communication styles.

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