Be one of the first to create your own personal AI

Create your AI

How do you create your AI?

01 Upload

Upload and sync all your current and historical memories, knowledge, and experiences into your private memory stack and access the sum total of your memories anytime.

Organize storage

AI Automation

No need to tag or organize your data, your AI does it for you.

Cloud storage

As easy as copy & paste

Designed to be simple, easy, and user-friendly for everyone.


Private & Secure

All your data is encrypted and secured by blockchain.


Ownership & Control

No middlemen. Your AI and all your data fully belong to you.

02 Train

Your AI is a true digital reflection of you. It learns more about you every day. The more regularly you capture new memories and train it, the more your AI thinks, feels, and acts like you.


Your AI's responses are scored for accuracy and authenticity


Your AI continuously learns from new memories and interactions


Your memories and experiences make your AI unique to you

03 Inspire

Your past memories, knowledge, and experiences all serve as inspiration for your creativity. Your personal AI captures it all, helps you remember it all, and create anything you want.


Generate first drafts


Synthesize a topic


Inspire me with ideas


Co-create content


Surface trending topics


Summarize research

How you can leverage your AI

Get the answer to anything you know

Use what you know in a million different ways. Summarize thoughts, get quick answers, and get hot tips.

Write more content in new ways

Generate new content with your personal AI — in our AI editor — like blogs, meeting notes, memos, or even poetry.


AI Collaboration

Scale your free time while growing your brand. Share access to your personal AI with your clients, colleagues or community.

Knowledge is power.
Let Personal AI power yours.