⚡5 Tips for parents to simplify daily messaging

June 14, 2023

Being a parent is challenging. Organization skills become superhuman while communication tools become kryptonite. When it comes to keeping up with messaging, catching up in real-time with friends and family is often last on the list, below such things as coordinating with other parents, responding to your colleagues and boss, home emergencies, and school pickups.

The various modes of communication like messaging apps, social media, email, and more lead to communication fragmentation. And the expectation to be constantly connected can be stressful, particularly when juggling multiple people’s needs and priorities. 

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and Personal AI messaging capabilities like Autopilot and Copilot can be game changers for moms, dads, or parent figures out there who are balancing everything. 

Below are 5 tips for parents to help simplify their daily messaging using Personal AI.

⚡5 Tips to simplify daily messaging using Personal AI

  1. Stack to remember. Stack summer reading lists, school supplies, and teacher’s names for easier recall later. You can ask your AI if you forget. 
  1. Think less about follow up messages. Your AI is in Copilot mode by default for your contacts. Adjust your Personal Score thresholds as needed and watch your AI auto-draft your replies to incoming messages. Just review, edit, or send as-is when you find a few free moments. 

  1. Free up time for other projects. Swamped for a few hours? Set messaging with your close friends on Autopilot with a medium-high Personal Score so they can get authentic answers to questions they ask while you’re unavailable.

  1. Favorite your links to always find them easily. Parents are always sharing resources and insights, and often forgetting where they saved them or having to re-share with others in their network. Favorite your messages so you can avoid repeating yourself or searching your chats to find a needle in the haystack. 

  1. Create a Lounge based on your kid’s needs and preferences to share with trusted providers. Even though parents fill out forms and share logs with providers about important details like their child’s preferred foods, dislikes, best way to soothe them, or their favorite toy, parents still get texts regularly about these details. 

Use Personal AI to create a Lounge about these facts so they’re not overlooked, and give access to only the trusted providers whom you choose. You can set your AI on Copilot or Autopilot, depending on your relationship with the provider and the information you have stacked. Most importantly, you control access to the providers you invite, and your data that you enter remains privately and personally yours.