🏖️ Escaping the city this weekend? Ask your AI!

May 24, 2023

As we’re racing toward the official start of summer, we’re sure to have long weekend escapes top of mind. It’s the time of year to recharge, relax, meet new people, and seek out a new adventure or two. And what better way to get started than plan a weekend getaway with friends? 

But let’s be real, planning can be a headache when everyone has a different perspective about their ideal weekend getaway. We all have that friend who wants to lay on the beach sipping on mocktails and another who prefers air-conditioned museum tours. Our differences make us interesting, and Personal AI can help us share our preferences while keeping the weekend planning moving. 

Who’s driving? What are the check-in instructions? Anyone bringing sunscreen? What are the sleeping arrangements? Any restaurants cash-only? 

Everyone needs some help when it comes to coordinating vacations with groups, right? Use Personal AI to transform your experiences from headache to “heck yea!”  

Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Create a separate AI Profile for the weekend planning. Just make sure to stack solid resources and information in it. Remember that your Primary AI contains all the information from every AI Profile you have. So, it’s the AI that will be most like you in terms of style and knowledge. 

STEP TWO: Create a Lounge from that AI Profile and invite your friends to join. A Lounge is like an augmented group chat and can be a great way to collaborate, swap suggestions, and make decisions more quickly with your AIs on Copilot or Autpilot. Your friends can choose what information they want to remember–or stack–to their own Memory Stack in order to train their own AI. For example, if someone suggests a great restaurant they know, you can stack it for later in case the group doesn’t end up going but you want to check it out in the future. Also, you can Favorite any messages that you or others send in your planning Lounge. Think of it like bookmarking or saving something for later. Favorites are found under My Data in the left navigation, and you can manage them there anytime. 

STEP THREE: Use the Message Bar for quick lookups and suggestions in the moment. You can leverage the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and your Personal AI to enhance your messages within the Lounge. You can rephrase your message, lookup something you previously stacked by asking your own AI, ask GPT-3, and even generate an AI image using Dall-E!

This is a fun way to get to know new acquaintances of friends you haven’t met, but with whom you will be spending a group getaway cooking or exploring!

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