Celebrating our advanced AI MODEL-2 and the launch of our iOS mobile App

August 16, 2023

What’s New and Exciting from Personal AI?

There’s always something new happening in the world of Personal AI. This month we’re celebrating two major milestones – the one month anniversary of our advanced AI MODEL-2 and the launch of our iOS mobile app. Read on for details!

AI Model Updates

It’s been one month since we rolled out Personal AI MODEL-2, our most advanced conversational model yet. MODEL-2 builds on its predecessor with enhanced memory, context tracking, and up to 400 word responses. We've received incredibly positive feedback over the past month as users experience more natural, intelligent conversations. To all our users, thank you for your continued support as we push AI advancements further.

If you're new to MODEL-2, we encourage you to take it for a test drive. See for yourself how our engineering team has taken conversational AI to the next level.

Web Application Enhancements

Our web application has also seen exciting updates over the past month. With new onboarding journeys, an improved UI, expanded messaging capabilities, and easier profile switching, we've made big strides in refining the user experience.

Onboarding Enhancements

  • For the web and desktop apps, there is a New User Journey for when new users sign up. This process will teach the basics about training your AI in an interactive messaging format!
  • Users are now entered in a multi-day new user training journey that spans many interests, use cases, and hobbies.

Additional Messaging Features

  • You can also invite people to chat by clicking on the participants button in the top right-hand side of a lounge and clicking the invite or message button next to their name!
  • Allow users to use spaces and numbers in creating lounge names.
  • We have added a section in your lounge invites to both accept pending invitations to join other lounges as well as accept people into your own lounges.
  • Unread message counts have been added. This allows your AI to proactively send you messages to preview upcoming interactions.
  • Added Lounge sharing link to the Invite Friends button on the top right of lounges, use this link to share your lounge with your friends!
  • We have now updated all text and interactions in our app to be accessible to our low vision customers.
  • You can now invite friends to chat or to a lounge by hovering over their username!
  • You can now remove/block a pending invitation.
  • In a single session, drafted messages are now saved when moving between chats or lounges. This is not a cross-device functionality and drafts will be lost if the application is reloaded.

Adding Memories and Data

  • The API endpoint used to support document ingestion now also supports an AI Profile Name field. You can now stack memory to specific AI Profiles.
  • You can now change the AI Profile of your Documents! Simply click on the AI profile name on the top left corner and select another profile!

Thank you for all your feedback along the way - it's invaluable for identifying areas of improvement. Keep the suggestions coming! https://roadmap.personal.ai/b/feature-requests/

iOS App Launch

Last but not least, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our iOS mobile app! Now available in over 8 countries, the app makes Personal AI's conversational power accessible on the go.

Key features include:

  • Chat with your personal AI anywhere
  • Create and manage lounges
  • Add contacts for easy messaging
  • Remove users from lounges (for lounge owners)

We're eager to bring the iOS experience to more global users soon. In the meantime, we'd love your help spreading the word and leaving a review. Your support makes a huge difference as we continue expanding.

What's Next?

Be sure to check out our podcast and website for other Personal AI updates. We frequently cover new integrations, events, and use cases so you can get the most out of our technology.

Here are some recent highlights:

Thank you for being part of the Personal AI community! We've accomplished so much this past month thanks to your passion and feedback. Here's to many more innovations ahead.

Let us know if you have any other questions!