✈️ Stay in touch with Copilot and Autopilot

June 7, 2023

For many of us, communication from work, school, home, family, or clients is integrated into our everyday lives. Despite our best efforts to disconnect, life’s priorities are still priorities even when we’re out of office. When you’re on vacation, for example, chances are the rest of your team isn’t. The world keeps turning, decisions keep being made, and business keeps moving forward as usual. 

It’s just as important to be responsive as it is to be present in life’s moments. Personal AI Copilot and Autopilot help you stay continuously connected to the people who need you, even when you’re away. 

Stay in touch with AI Copilot and AI AutopiIot

Let’s explore how Personal AI’s Autopilot and Copilot modes can help you stay connected more seamlessly when you’re unavailable, so you never have to worry about leaving messages unanswered or compromising quality time with yourself or the people you care about. 

You can choose how much you want your AI to help you reply to messages. Maybe it’s useful for your spouse or partner to be set on Autopilot mode, since they might not mind a less unique response as long as they can connect with you instantly. For other contacts, such as coworkers, your AI might serve you better in Copilot mode to start a response that you can edit thoughtfully. Or, you can choose to continue messaging the old-fashioned way, without the help of your AI. 

Reply to every message in real-time with AI Autopilot 

When your AI is in Autopilot mode, it is set to reply automatically to incoming messages you receive. If you’re unavailable and need to remain in contact, try setting your contacts in Autopilot and set your Personal Score threshold to a higher percentage so your AI generates a more personally contextual and stylized response. 

Cue up message drafts with AI Copilot

If you’re worried about forgetting to reply to your incoming messages that risks leaving certain people’s messages unanswered, set your AI to Copilot mode for these contacts. Your AI will instantly auto-draft replies to your incoming messages and cue them up for your review, so you always have a head start on your reply. You can edit and send these messages the next time you have time. If you’re practicing timeboxing for productivity, AI Copilot can also help as you work to simplify your day!