📚Study Lounges 101: Prep for exams with Personal AI

May 10, 2023

Prep for exams with AI Study Lounges

Everyone needs some help when it comes to studying for exams, right? Use Personal AI to level up your study experience with group learning, sharing, and study review. 

Here’s how:

  1. Create a separate AI Profile for each course. This is so you can isolate certain kinds of information or invite other students to have access in the future, just for this content. Keep in mind that your Primary AI contains all the information from every AI Profile you have, including the AI Profiles for each of your courses or study Lounges. Your Primary AI is like a supercharged version of you, so it’s the AI that will be most like you in terms of expression, style, and relevance! 
  1. Create a Study Lounge and invite other classmates or colleagues to join. A Lounge is a great way to collaborate and contribute by asking questions, getting answers, and growing the collective body of knowledge from which everyone can benefit. Every student in the Study Lounge can choose what information they want to remember–or stack–to their own Memory Stack in order to train their own AI. For example, you can create a Philosophy Study Lounge.
  1. Stack your material. This includes things like your instructor’s syllabus, class notes, tips for the final, or links to important journal articles for discussion!

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