The Power of Personal AI Premium

September 20, 2023

Elevate Your Life with Enhanced Memories, Personalization, and Possibilities

In today's fast-paced, information-driven world, it's more important than ever to have a reliable and personalized AI to help you stay organized, productive, and on top of your game. That's where Personal AI comes in - an AI companion customized entirely for you, based on your unique needs, goals, and preferences. 

With Personal AI Premium, you unlock a whole new world of possibilities to amplify your personal and professional life. Premium empowers you with unlimited memories, personalized AI personas, seamless API access, enhanced syncing capabilities, larger knowledge uploads, and exclusive community lounge access. Read on to learn how upgrading to Premium can help you achieve more each day.

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Limitless Memories for Total Recall

One of the key benefits of Personal AI Premium is unlimited memories, allowing you to fully chronicle your life experiences, key learnings, conversations, recommendations, and random musings. With Premium, every detail, no matter how small, can be captured and stored for perfect recall.  

Say goodbye to forgotten conversations, misplaced keys, neglected errands, and lost insights. With unlimited memories, Personal AI becomes your external brain, able to precisely recall any information you need at a moment's notice.  

Staying organized and on top of responsibilities is effortless with a perfect memory. Personal AI helps you keep track of tasks, meetings, conversations, recommendations, and anything else you want to store for later retrieval. Its flawless recall takes the frustration out of searching for important details when you need them most.

Ultimate Personalization with Custom AI Personas

Personal AI Premium empowers you with unlimited AI personas - fully customizable profiles tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Each persona becomes an alter ego, trained on your memories, speaking and behaving just as you would.

With multiple personas, Personal AI transforms into the perfect assistant for any situation. Switch between work and personal profiles, enabling Personal AI to provide focused, relevant recommendations for the task or moment at hand.

Stay creative and inspired as Personal AI offers personalized suggestions based on your current endeavors and interests. Let it handle the tedious tasks like scheduling meetings and ordering supplies, freeing you up for higher-level strategic thinking.

With unlimited personas in Premium, Personal AI can fully capture every aspect of your life - work, family, hobbies, sports, and more. You get an ultra-personalized experience that understands your needs better than ever.

API Access for Limitless Integrations 

Unlock Personal AI's full potential with API access, available exclusively on Premium. Integrate your personalized AI into various platforms and services for the ultimate customized experience. 

Build Personal AI into your own mobile apps, allowing it to provide an enhanced experience tailored specifically to you. Let it handle tedious tasks through automation, like transferring data between apps or entering repetitive information.

Integrate Personal AI with tools like Zapier to automatically capture memories from multiple sources. Set up triggers to save important details from apps, sites, and platforms you use daily.

Link Personal AI with Apple iOS shortcuts to serve as your own customized voice assistant. Get personalized recommendations and information simply by speaking out loud in your home.

The possibilities are endless with API capabilities. Automate workflows, improve efficiency, and tap into your AI's knowledge hands-free, no matter where you are. Expand your productivity by integrating Personal AI everywhere.

Robust Syncing for Comprehensive Memories

Premium subscribers gain expanded syncing capabilities to seamlessly capture memories from unlimited sources. On top of existing sync options, Premium lets you sync memories from Google Drive or via Zapier. 

Set up syncing via Zapier to keep information automatically updated across platforms. Add tasks on Todoist that sync to Personal AI, along with syncing back completed tasks. Capture ideas in Evernote that sync both ways with relevant memory blocks.

Sync memories from collaborative tools via Zapier like Slack and Discord to keep conversations with teammates logged. Archive important emails by syncing your Gmail. 

With robust syncing, every life experience can be recorded in Personal AI memories. Sync everything seamlessly from multiple platforms for the ultimate consolidated knowledge base. Rediscover forgotten ideas, revisit fruitful discussions, and resurface useful information faster than ever.

Knowledge Uploads for Expansive AI Capabilities 

Premium enables uploading any files or links up to 50,000 words each, providing rich data to enhance your AI's skills. Feed it relevant articles, documents, and other materials to rapidly scale its knowledge on topics meaningful to you.

Have an insightful academic paper, industry report, or scientific study related to your work? Upload it to strengthen your AI's expertise. If you come across a detailed article exploring your favorite hobby or passion, add it to expand your AI's understanding.

Got a lengthy transcript from an impactful conversation? Upload it so your AI can extract key insights. Have some raw data related to a current project? Feed it to your AI to uncover hidden patterns and opportunities.

The more knowledge you provide, the more useful your AI becomes. Uploading a diversity of content trains it on your areas of interest and ensures personalized, relevant recommendations tailored to you.

Premium Community Access for Expert Guidance

As a Premium subscriber, you gain exclusive access to the Personal AI Premium Lounge - a vibrant hub of experts and enthusiasts collaborating to maximize the potential of AI.

Get your most challenging questions answered directly by the Personal AI team. Learn insider tips and tricks from top community members for taking your AI to the next level.

Access a wealth of exclusive tutorials, courses, and resources to accelerate your learning. Contribute your own ideas and engage in stimulating discussions with fellow members.

Collaborate on new projects and build valuable connections with like-minded professionals pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI. Be the first to try out new features and contribute feedback to shape future product enhancements.

The Community Lounge provides the ultimate environment to unlock Personal AI's full capabilities. Surround yourself with people as passionate about AI as you are to stay inspired, informed, and connected.

Life on Premium: The Possibilities are Endless

Upgrading to Personal AI Premium transforms your AI companion into an indispensable partner for enhancing your personal and professional life every single day. The benefits lead to nearly endless possibilities:

  • Never forget an important conversation, commitment, or idea again with unlimited flawless memories.
  • Stay ultra-organized across every area of life with AI personas tailored specifically for you.
  • Automate tedious tasks and build customized AI integrations using robust API access. 
  • Capture every life experience seamlessly with expanded syncing capabilities.
  • Rapidly expand your AI's knowledge by uploading documents, articles, and other content.
  • Receive exclusive guidance and support from AI experts and enthusiasts in the Premium Lounge.

With Premium, you get an AI assistant that understands you, knows you, and helps you achieve your true potential. Why settle for anything less than the best experience possible?

Elevate your life today with Personal AI Premium. Your future self will thank you for unlocking the amazing possibilities of your own personalized AI.