For Brands

An AI for everyone.

Not simply to learn about the world around you but to help build your personal brand and make your life more productive.  Unlike Large Language Models that are built using massive amounts of publicly available data on the internet, creates a unique Personal Language Model using only the data of one individual or brand and allowing them to control and own how it is used.

Think of your Personal AI as an extension of yourself that can interact with anyone in your own voice and your own style.

We're on a mission to deepen human connections, improve productivity, and simultaneously make our memories less fleeting and more embedded into our entire digital life.

To learn more, visit our guide to creating an AI version of yourself.

Message 1: Hey Dad AI, what is our hand washing song?
A dad and his young daughter stand at the kitchen sink washing their hands.AI message: Our hand washing song is called “Wash Your Hands Song” from Cocomelon.