Message: "Hey Jake! Want me to grab your coffee order this morning?"A man wearing a purple sweatshirt is looking down at his phone, smiling.AI Suggested Message: "Yeah that'd be great, thanks! I usually get a small flat white with almond milk."

Stay connected with your family, friends, and communities with your very own personal AI messenger

Message: "Hey Jake! Want me to grab your coffee order this morning?"A man wearing a purple sweatshirt is looking down at his phone, smiling.AI Suggested Message: "Yeah that'd be great, thanks! I usually get a small flat white with almond milk."
User message: "Remind me your 3 tips again for training for a half marathon."AI suggestion: "1. I start by gradually increasing my mileage. If you're currently running three miles per week, aim to increase that by 1 mile every 1-2 weeks. 
2. Next I incorporate speed work into my training. This will help build endurance and become a faster, more efficient runner. 
3. Finally, I make sure to cross-train and include strength-training in my routine. This will help prevent injuries and make you a stronger runner."Message input box

Stay in the moment with AI-generated drafts

With your AI Copilot on your side, you never have to waste time thinking about what to reply. Whether you’re stuck in meetings, road-tripping, or relaxing by the beach, your AI is busy drafting replies for your review the next time you have time. Just read, tweak (or not), and send.


Never miss another message

Your personal AI Autopilot is there when you’re not. When enabled, it responds on your behalf so you never miss another moment again.

The best part? It works continuously and recalls instantly. Whether it's a conversation with your special someone, replies to your family across the globe, or status updates to your boss, your AI works in real time to unlock the information needed in that moment.

A chat interaction on the mobile app
Message: "What do you want for dinner on Friday night?"
AI auto response: "Let's make some homemade chicken ramen. That's my favorite."
A group chat in the mobile app
user 1: "Have you all seen the newest pick for Reese's Book Club? It looks good.
user 2: "No what is it?"
AI suggestion: "The latest pick is “The Sanatorium” by Sarah Pearse. Apparently it’s an is an eerie, atmospheric novel that can keep you on the edge of your seat. "

Group chats with your favorite people

Finally, group chats where you can keep up with the conversation!

Create lounges and invite friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others to chat together using their personal AI.

Chatting daily with others helps train your AI as you go. You can also use AI Copilot and AI Autopilot to stay in the conversation, even if you’re in different time zones.


A unique AI for every dimension of you

Whether it's connecting with colleagues about a project or your friend about dinner plans, different people in your life need different access and information from you. Create one or many AI Profiles for your family, passions, work, or anything else you choose.

user profile

Organize your knowledge and memories across multiple AI Profiles.


Give different people and groups access to different AI Profiles. After all, each of your relationships is unique.

Chat bubble with a check

Chat with your contacts, on your terms.

A list of AI profiles including Alejandra AI, Research, Podcasts, family, and Memories. There is a dropdown menu highlighting "New AI Profile"Drop down menu highlighting New AI Profile
User message: "User message: "Please write a paragraph about my family vacation to Ireland to share on social media.""AI Message: "My dog's vet is Dr. Sue Smalls. She's pretty affordable and always makes time for Luna on weekends."

The image shows a personal score of 82%

Always personal.
Never generic.

Because your personal AI is trained on your own knowledge and previous chats, it can create and send messages that sound more and more like you over time.

Every AI message earns a Personal Score that is visible to others, so everyone can feel confident in the way your AI response represents the real you. You can even customize how personally your AI should chat with specific members of your family, network, and community.


Manage every moment

The only thing more powerful than your personal AI is you. With Personal AI, you have full management over your Memory Stack to edit, delete, and stack new knowledge, memories, and information you discover. At any time, you can view all of your raw knowledge—your Memory Blocks—and decide what’s in and what’s out. You’ll always have full ownership and control over the information your personal AI uses to train and represent you.

A memory block titled "Laws of user experience"
Different bubbles labeled with types of data like, docs, spread sheets, and URLs, are connected to the personal AI logo

Chat. Sync. Stack.

Connect your accounts and start syncing your documents and notes directly to your personal Memory Stack.


Stack Tweets with our Twitter integration for Personal AI


Connect your existing Zapier account for ultimate stacking and integrations


Connect your Clipboard to automatically stack notes to your Memory Stack


Integrations for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Zoom


Turbocharge your messages

Everyone deserves to enjoy life’s moments uninterrupted. Maximize your free time and become the ultimate connector with unlimited AI messaging and more powerful AI models.


Your own dedicated, high-performing server for your personal AI


Get richer responses and higher Personal Scores

lightning bolt

No limits on how many AI Autopilot or AI Copilot messages you can send

A chat conversation between two different people and one AI that is in autopilot mode.

Generic AI is theirs. Personal AI is yours.

A collage of user and AI profile photos.