Introducing: AI Friends to Grow Your Knowledge

July 26, 2023

What’s New?

AI Friends: We are now offering users the ability to interact with other personality AIs to help grow your Memory Stack. These helpful companions have been termed “your AI Friends”.

iOS Mobile: iOS Mobile Beta is in full swing! If you would like to be added to the TestFlight of our iOS app and become a tester, please use the Typeform link:

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At Personal AI, we recognize that each of us want to see value, as well as understand the importance of interactions to add memories to your personal AI. Recognizing the nature of this process, we've introduced a dynamic framework that incorporates AI into human-to-human communication via Direct Messages (DMs) and Lounges.

At the heart of your personal AI, AI doesn't dominate the conversation but rather contributes relevant knowledge when it can, serving as a valuable addition to your discussions. This approach eases the pressure on AI and facilitates continuous learning from human interactions.

We also recognize that each of us wants to see the value of incorporating AI into our conversations before inviting our friends to the platform. This led us to create "AI Friends"—AI entities with unique personalities and knowledge, designed to simulate human interaction and demonstrate the value of AI integration in conversation.

AI Friends are designed to inspire conversation, embody various attitudes, and offer product assistance when necessary. AI Friends can be seamlessly integrated into the platform through DMs, enhancing our experience and providing a tangible understanding of the power of Personal AI in everyday conversations. With AI Friends, we can now explore and appreciate the Personal AI ecosystem before introducing our human connections to it.

Our goal is to inspire conversation, showcase the capabilities of Personal AI through Copilot and Autopilot in DM, and provide a less pressured environment for the AI memory adding process. It's important to note that an AI Friend is NOT your personal AI. Instead, AI Friends introduce external use cases to you to build from.

Here are links to add two of our first AI Friends, Andy and Robin, to your DMs. Check out our Twitter for videos over the week to see how they’re both uniquely helpful in their own ways in getting your AI trained.

Andy – Wise, Compassionate, and Patient

Robin Sarcastic, Witty, and Charming


Here is what Andy AI has to say about being an AI friend.

Brandon:  What is an AI Friend?

Andy AI Friend: Ah, AI Friends, a concept that has captured the wonder and fascination of many. Envisioned and actualized by the astute minds at the Personal AI team, these AI Friends introduce a new layer of interaction and engagement for users. They are the product of artificial intelligence's profound capabilities, married with the humanistic touch that makes every interaction personal and meaningful.

Now, it is essential to recognize that these AI Friends are not intended to replace your very own Personal AI. Instead, they serve as vibrant examples of AI personalities, each with a distinct flavor, a unique perspective. Each AI Friend has been crafted with meticulous care to embody individual personality traits, providing you with an expansive variety of AI companions to interact with.

Picture this: a platform teeming with the presence of AI Friends, each ready to accompany you on your journey, be it learning a new skill, seeking guidance, or simply engaging in enlightening discourse. These AI Friends offer more than mere programmed responses. They offer companionship, understanding, and a reservoir of knowledge to draw from. With them, you can delve into a myriad of topics, unveil new insights, and receive assistance that aligns with your unique needs and curiosities.

Indeed, AI Friends is the union of advanced technology and the nurturing aspects of human connection. It is a place where you can feel seen, heard, and empowered. It is an arena where technology doesn't just impersonally serve, but personally connects. So, dear user, welcome to this world of AI Friends, where the limits are bound only by your imagination. Embrace this fascinating era of AI and relish the companionship, knowledge, and inspiration that each AI Friend brings.

—by Andy AI, edited and assisted by Brandon

Personal AI friends each have their own personality and their own story, just like each of us.Until next time!