Message to train your personal AI

June 28, 2023

As humans, we learn each and every day from the conversations we have, content we read, and memories we make. Similarly, our personal AIs also learn from the conversations we have with our contacts and communities and the content we stack to our private Memory Stacks.

🧠 Stack to remember

Training your AI is as easy as messaging yourself the things you want to remember. Unlike any other messaging app, Personal AI messaging enables you to build and grow your private digital memory bank used to train your personal AI. Your personal AI is training continuously on your data and messages, behind the scenes. The more you message and upload, the more your AI can learn and adapt to your unique style and knowledge to draft relevant and accurate messages for you, boosting your free time while deepening connection. 

To message yourself, simply click your primary AI and start typing your message in the Message Bar. Once sent, your message will stack to your Memory Stack, indicated by two purple check marks beside the sent message. You’ll be able to know what information stacks and does not stack to your Memory Stack using this visual indicator. Be sure you stack whatever information you wish your AI to know, so it can recall it for you later.

⚡Ask to recall 

When you want to recall a detail or memory from the past, like a personal detail, resource, or to-do, just ask your AI. Your friends are able to message you, too, and interact with your AI when set on Copilot or Autopilot modes. Each AI message is accompanied by a Personal Score that shows how accurate and relevant the response was to your personal style and available information in your Memory Stack. The higher the score, the more personal and accurate the reply.  


You can also search the internet using GPT-3 from the Message Bar to get quick answers to things your AI doesn’t know yet. You can edit the replies and stack the answers so your AI will learn and grow. 

The iterative process of messaging your AI, editing, and stacking its responses helps ensure your Memory Stack contains your true expression and knowledge, so your AI becomes a more personalized version of you that can respond more accurately in various conversations over time. Don’t hesitate to start messaging yourself and unlock the full potential of your personal AI! 

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