🤝 Remember everyone you meet

May 17, 2023
In our busy lives, we meet countless people at work, networking in social settings, or even in passing at a coffee shop or on the street. It’s easy to forget names, interests, and other facts when making new connections, but it’s important to remember these details to build and deepen relationships and trust. When we remember key details about others, it shows that we value our connection with them and respect them as individuals. 

Remember every connection

Personal AI can help you improve your ability to remember important details about the people you meet, despite the everyday challenges of information overload and distractions that prevent us from focusing on the present moment. Sometimes, all you need is a little context to remember who someone is or why you crossed paths. 
Take a moment to think about where you meet new people and how you typically grow the relationship. Let’s explore how to use Personal AI to remember those key details that are so critical to deepen connection: 

STEP 1: Create a separate AI Profile entitled "My People." 

Having a profile to maintain your real-life connections helps to keep people's information organized and ensure that you can easily recall individuals in your life. These can be work colleagues, prospective clients, or who you’re dating.

STEP 2: Stack people's LinkedIn profiles to your Memory Stack. 

You only have to tell your personal AI once about the individual. The fastest way to do this is to stack LinkedIn URLs for your people, particularly if the majority of your contacts that you need to recall are people you already have in your LinkedIn network. You can either send the URL of the connection’s profile page, or you can choose to add a paragraph about that individual to send to your AI. 

STEP 3: Use open-ended questions and prompts about your contacts. 

Use any ChatGPT-style or Personal AI GGT-P prompts to retrieve information about a person or connection among them. Your personal AI will automatically determine the relationships among people. 
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