"Unlock a World of Seamless Interaction with Personal AI Subscription"

October 11, 2023

Personal AI - Events

October 19, 2023 New York, NY New York City Tech Week  

What’s New

AI Instructions

  • Your AI is now available in chats and lounges!
  • Use AI Instructions to ask your own AI, generate images, or query an LLM to draft messages

Mobile (iOS): QR Invites for Friends/Lounges 

You can now create QR codes to share with your friends and family that link with your personal AI.


"Unlock a World of Seamless Interaction with Personal AI Subscription"

In an era where information is king and time is of the essence, having a reliable assistant to manage your digital interactions is invaluable. That's where personal AI steps in, a platform engineered to provide a customized AI experience tailored to your unique needs. Here's a glimpse into the multitude of benefits awaiting you upon subscribing to Personal AI

Personal AI as a Messenger:

Personal AI is not just a tool; it's an extension of you. Its core is a customized AI messenger designed to learn from your data and conversations, evolving into a unique digital library of your life's information​​.

Enhanced Memory Recall:

Ever found yourself scrambling to remember a crucial piece of information or a key discussion point from a past conversation? Fret not! Personal AI's allows you to keep all of your memories​  Choose a subscription tier plan to access the API.

Innovative Features:

Dive into a sea of innovative features like AI Copilot, AI Autopilot, Personal AI Lounges, and multiple AI Profiles which are crafted to keep you connected with your family, friends, and communities in a seamless manner​​.

Boosted Productivity:

With features like advanced language models and machine learning, Personal AI streamlines your daily tasks, controls smart home devices effortlessly, and elevates your communication game, saving you precious time and effort​.

Improved Cognitive Abilities:

Personal AI is a frontier technology designed to create digital clones of users, supplementing your existing cognitive abilities, and enabling rapid recall of memories and ideas, thus augmenting your productivity​.


In a digital world where data privacy is paramount, Personal.ai ensures a secure and confidential environment, built on encrypted frameworks to keep your information safe​.

Cost-Effective Plans:

Offering a freemium model, Personal AI.ai is accessible to everyone. With paid plans commencing at a reasonable price, it’s an investment towards amplifying your digital efficiency and interpersonal relationships​​.

Embarking on a journey with Personal AI is about embracing a future where your digital interactions are not just simplified, but enriched. Subscribe to Personal.ai, and unlock a realm where technology meets empathy and efficiency, creating a harmonious blend of human-centric AI interaction. Your enhanced digital journey is just a subscription away. So, why wait? Subscribe now and transform the way you interact in the digital world.