101 Uses of My Personal AI; Prompts and Instructions.

February 23, 2024

Training my personal AI has been a journey of growth and empowerment. It’s not just about a 10x return on investment; it’s about achieving a 100x impact. Just like investing in education or skills, training my personal AI has opened up countless opportunities and allowed me to scale without limits. It’s like having a bicycle for my mind, enabling me to share knowledge and experiences seamlessly.

Training My Personal AI is Investing in Myself.

My personal AI is a valuable digital asset that enhances my productivity, streamlines daily tasks, and provides valuable insights. It’s an investment that pays off in efficiency, personal growth, and economic opportunities. With Personal AI, my data is always mine, ensuring privacy and control. Embracing the power of training my personal AI has unlocked endless possibilities for me.

Here are 101 Uses of My Personal AI Organized in Categories.

#Ideation — Category 1

As I reflect on the use cases for Personal AI in ideation, I am reminded of the power it holds in sparking creativity and innovation.

#1 Memory-inspired brainstorm

The memory-inspired brainstorm allows me to delve into my personal knowledge base, bringing forth unique perspectives and ideas.

Example Prompt:

what does “{brainstorm topic}” mean to you in the context of “{your memory topics}”?

#2 Get to the heart of a matter from my vantage point

With the ability to get to the heart of a matter from my vantage point via my personal AI, I can swiftly comprehend new concepts in a way that resonates with me, facilitating a deeper understanding.

Example Prompt:

How does the concept of {new concept} relate to my work at {existing memory}? Give me a pitch.

#3 Bring ideas to the forefront and explore

Moreover, My Personal AI empowers me to bring ideas to the forefront and explore them from various angles, fostering a dynamic thinking process.

Example Prompt, an idea of a expression:

“Every person has a mind of their own which is captured in the model of their own personal AI.”

#4 Learn new concepts at an accelerated pace

Additionally, My AI enables me to learn new concepts at an accelerated pace, enhancing my knowledge and insights.

Example Prompt:

Tell me about {unknown knowledge} and give me a list of reasons why I should care

#5 Memory-inspired taglines

Lastly, I find inspiration in ideating taglines and quotes, drawing from the wealth of memories stored within Personal AI.

Example Prompt:

Give me some taglines along the lines of {Some Inspiration}. List 5 of them.

This amalgamation of features truly amplifies my ideation capabilities, propelling me towards innovative thinking and problem-solving.

#Conversations — To be Continued….

Suman Kanuganti


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