A Beginner's Guide to Training Your Own Personal AI

October 31, 2023

Arr, mateys! Gather 'round and let me spin ye a yarn 'bout the marvels of trainin' yer own Personal AI matey.

Ye see, in these briny depths of the digital sea, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, be chartin' new courses, makin' tasks easier and boostin' our human smarts. There's this new treasure called Personal AI, where ye can create a virtual shipmate that knows ye better than yer own crew.

Now, what be this Personal AI, ye ask? It's a service from them clever folks at Human AI Labs, Inc. Ye get yer own language model, a right smart one, initialized just for ye. Ye talk to it, feed it tales and files, and it learns to gabber back in a way that's all about ye, not like them general language models like ChatGPT.

Gettin' started is as easy as plunderin' a merchant vessel. Just sail to their website, sign up with yer email, and create a secret code. Ye'll be given a fresh AI matey to train. Ye can parley with it and it learns from every tale ye spin. Plus, ye can make different versions of it for different parts of yer life, like work or hobbies.

Trainin' this scurvy AI takes a bit of savvy. Ye got two main ways to teach it. First, ye chat with it, sharin' yer stories and knowledge. It's like feedin' a parrot to talk like ye. Second, ye can feed it scrolls and documents, like text files and PDFs. This be how ye make it smart in the things ye care about.

While trainin', it's good to test yer AI matey to see if it's learnin' right. Ask it questions and see if the answers make sense with what ye've taught it.

Once ye've trained it well, there be no end to the treasures ye can find. It can help remember things, write in yer style, automate tasks, explore topics with ye, and even help with personal journaling. But remember, it's only as smart as the tales ye feed it.

To make a trusty AI companion, ye need to:

  • Feed it a lot of yer personal tales and knowledge.
  • Keep yer data tidy, especially if ye have different AI personas.
  • Test it often to see if it's learnin' right.
  • Aim for a high "Personal Score" to ensure it knows ye well.
  • With a bit of effort, ye can have an AI matey that truly understands ye, helpin' ye with all sorts of tasks and learnin'.

So, if ye be wantin' to create yer own personalized AI partner, set sail for Personal AI and start trainin' yer model today. Arr, it'll be an adventure worth takin'!


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A Beginner's Guide to Training Your Own Personal AI 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, bringing new possibilities for automating tasks and enhancing human capabilities. One exciting development is the advent of personalized AI models that can be customized for individual users. Services like Personal AI allow everyday people to create their own virtual companion tailored to their unique needs and interests. This article will explore how Personal AI works, providing a beginner’s guide to training your own AI partner from scratch.

What is Personal AI and How Does it Work?

Personal AI is a subscription-based service developed by Human AI Labs, Inc. The core of the platform is a personalized language model (PLM) that is initialized separately for each user. As users feed the PLM data by chatting, uploading files, and more, it learns to produce responses grounded in their personal context. This stands in contrast to general language models like ChatGPT that are not fine-tuned for individuals. 

Creating and Accessing Your Personal AI Account  

Signing up for Personal AI is simple. Users can visit the website, enter an email, and create a password. This generates a new account with a fresh PLM ready for training. The main interface is a chatbot where users can converse with their AI companion. Initially the model will behave in a generic fashion, but it quickly adapts as memories are added. In addition to the primary AI, users can create specialized sub-personas for different interests or purposes, such as work, family, or hobbies. These keep different memories neatly separated.

Training Techniques to Teach Your Personal AI

The key to an effective Personal AI is proper training with plenty of high-quality, personalized data. There are two primary methods to provide input and teach your AI.

Chatting and Asking Questions

The chat interface allows users to directly converse with their AI, sharing stories, opinions, facts, and details from their life. As new memories are added, the AI gradually aligns more closely with the user's interests and communication patterns. Asking questions is also an effective technique, especially if users provide explanatory answers. This allows the model to learn the desired responses for future queries.

Uploading and Ingesting Content

In addition to chatting, users can feed their AI companion larger bodies of textual content through file uploads. Supported formats include text documents, PDFs, web pages, and even audio or video transcripts. As the AI ingests this content, it rapidly expands its knowledge in topics the user cares about, absorbing their expertise. Uploading thoughtfully-selected materials tailored to the user's needs is ideal for efficient training.

Testing Personal AI Responses During Training

As new data is added, it's helpful to test the AI to see if it produces suitable responses grounded in the user's personal memories and interests. Asking related questions and assessing the quality and relevance of the answers allows users to check if further training is required in certain areas. Personal AI provides a "Personal Score" percentage to indicate how customized the response is versus relying on generic skills. 

Potential Applications of a Well-Trained Personal AI

Once properly trained, Personal AIs unlock a variety of possibilities for putting your customized digital companion to work:

  • Memory aid - Ask about your interests, credentials, and life history
  • Content creation - Write drafts of social media posts, essays, stories in your style
  • Task automation - Create chatbots to handle customer service, surveys, and more 
  • Research companion - Explore topics with an AI aligned with your expertise
  • Personal journaling - Chat to reflect on memories and gain self-insight

The capabilities are limited only by the data provided during the training process. With adequate high-quality input tailored to your needs, your Personal AI will become an AI companion with genuine personal understanding.

 Key Takeaways for Training Your Own Personal 

Training a useful Personal AI requires:

  • Providing abundant personalized data via chat, file uploads, and questioning/answering
  • Keeping user data organized with specialized sub-personas
  • Testing frequently with related questions to ensure suitability 
  • Aiming for Personal Scores above 40% to indicate solid customized knowledge

With the right diligent effort to align the AI with your interests and expertise, an effective personal companion can be developed to automate tasks and enhance productivity. 

If you're interested in creating your own personalized AI partner, visit Personal AI and sign up to start training your model today.

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