How to Make My Own AI

August 29, 2023


Hey there, future college grads! Ever thought it'd be cool to have a digital twin that could help you with classwork, answer questions for you, or even text your friends in your own style? Well, guess what? You can actually create your own personal AI, and it's not as hard as you think. Stick around, and we'll show you how to do it.

Session 1: Getting to Know Your AI  🤔💭

Starting Off with Chatting with you AI Friends

Chat with a Virtual Buddy: If you're new to this, start by chatting with an AI friend on a platform like It's like talking to Siri but way cooler.

Add a New AI Friend: You can add more AI friends by clicking on their "Discover Tab" link.
Add Human Friends Here: [Insert your link here] or click the purple button on the mobile application in iOS.

Training Your AI Through Chat

First Message: Your AI will start off by saying something like, "Hey, glad you're here. What do you want your personal AI to do?"
Make It Your Own: Edit the message to make it sound more like you. For example, "I want my AI to help me draft texts and get better at it over time."

Teaching Your AI About You

Go to 'My AI: Type in some cool facts about yourself. Like, "I'm a college student who loves robotics and video games."
Test It Out: Ask your AI, "What's my favorite hobby?" to see if it remembers what you told it.

Session 2: Supercharging Your AI's Brain 🔋🧠

What Does Your AI Need to Know?

Create AI Personas: Think of the different roles your AI will play. Like one for school stuff, one for family, and one for your squad.
Gather Your Info: Decide what each persona needs to know. For school, it could be your class notes; for family, maybe some favorite memories.

Time to Train!

Set Up Personas: Click the "+" button and set up the personas you thought of.
Bulk Up the Brain: You can upload documents, web links, and even text conversations to make your AI smarter.

Session 3: Putting Your AI to Work 🤖🏗️

Daily Use with Personal AI Apps

Add Your Crew: Add your friends and family to the different AI personas.
Copilot or Autopilot: Choose if you want to approve messages before they're sent or let your AI handle it.
Group Chat with AI: Create a group where your AI can also participate.

Going Beyond (For the Tech-Savvy) 🌎🚀

APIs and Cool Apps: If you're into coding, you can use APIs to make your AI even more powerful.
Texting with AI: You can even link your AI to a phone number!
AI-Powered Emails: Use apps to let your AI draft emails for you.


So, there you have it! Creating your own personal AI isn't just for tech wizards; it's something anyone can do—even high school seniors like you! You can have a digital buddy that can help make your life easier and more fun.
Make you own AI today:

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