Meet Your New Personalized AI Companion

October 13, 2023

Meet Personal AI, your new personalized digital co-pilot.

This innovative platform lets you create a customized AI companion as unique as your fingerprint. Teach it your slang, upload content about your interests, and integrate it into your favorite apps (with Zapier). Before long, you’ll have an AI companion fine-tuned to your unique personality - like Siri’s nerdy cousin on steroids!

“Personal AI is your passport to a world where all online experiences revolve around you,” 

But how does it actually work?

Personal AI ingests information about you like a hungry dinosaur, learning your style and vocabulary through uploaded websites, conversations, and documents. Using nifty features like hashtag labeling, it figures out what’s what and who said it.

You can even craft distinct sub-profiles, so your AI knows how to act with your poker buddies vs your great aunt Gladys. The more content you provide, the more it adapts to your quirks and communication style.

Then, by integrating with apps like Slack and Messenger, Personal AI becomes your faithful virtual sidekick—ready to chime in with personalized insights and suggestions. So you can spend less time searching and more time pursuing your passions.

Personal AI allows endless possibilities:

  • Create AI characters and immerse yourself in customized stories
  • Your own AI life coach transfers your goals into reality
  • Collaborate with yourself to generate creative ideas
  • An organizing assistant who intimately understands your workflows
  • The opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

As an open platform focused on community, new innovations are continuously bubbling. Who knows what creative use cases will emerge next? The future is friendly, personalized and AI-powered.

So why not give Personal AI a test run? You just might find yourself with a new digital BFF before you know it!

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