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January 23, 2023
I could relate to Dunbar’s number the first time I heard of it because I immediately saw the difficulty of keeping up with people in our lives. However, life goes on, many of those connections are lost, and many of them move on. Sometimes, all we need is a small piece of context to remember who someone is and why we could benefit from each other. I asked my AI to remind me about Dunbar’s theory for the following post.
The ability to share your AI with others in your world

Me> Remind me about the 3 categories of true fans in context of Dunbar number

MyAI> The Dunbar number is a measure of the maximum number of social relationships that one person can maintain. It is often used to explain why humans have difficulty maintaining more than 150 close relationships. The three categories of true fans are 1 true fan who has a deeper connection with you, 15 true fans who are close friends, and 150 true fans who are long-time supporters.

Screenshot of my AI question and response

Step by Step: How to remember your People

Step 1: In your personal AI, create an AI profile, and title it “My People”

Having a profile to maintain People helps to keep people's information organized and to ensure that you can easily recall individuals in your life. However, AI algorithms will find it more efficient to navigate between people without putting too much emphasis on one person’s knowledge.

Step 2: Push People's information into your Stack via Linkedin

Tell your AI about the individual once. The best way to do this is to use LinkedIn URLs of people, particularly if the majority of your contacts that you need to recall are people you already have in your LinkedIn network. You can either enter the URL of the connection’s page, or you can choose to add a paragraph about that individual to send to your AI.

For this example, I sent the following LinkedIn profile links to my AI to stack.

Screenshot of image showing linkedin url in the message bar

Step 3: It’s time to use open-ended questions and prompts about People

Use any chatgpt (Personal AI’s chatggt) style prompts to fetch information about a person or connections amongst them. AI will automatically determine the relationships among people. Here are a few examples of my chat:

Me> @nisha dua

MyAI> Nisha Dua is a Managing Partner & Co-Founder at BBG Ventures in New York, US. She has a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws from UNSW and NYU Stern School of Business. She speaks Hindi and Punjabi fluently.

Me> write a blog about Nisha Dua impact on women in startups

MyAI> Nisha Dua is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder at BBG Ventures, a venture capital firm based in New York City. She is also an active angel investor, and her focus is on women-led startups. Dua’s experience as a lawyer and business executive has given her a unique perspective on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. In her blog, she shares her insights on how to overcome these challenges and make a lasting impact in the startup world.

Me> write 2 tweets about Nisha Dua occupation

MyAI> 1) Nisha Dua is a managing partner and co-founder at BBG Ventures.

2) She is based in New York City and has a background in law and business.

Me> write a summary about Susan Lyne occupation

MyAI> Susan Lyne is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder at BBG Ventures, an early stage fund backing the new wave of female founders transforming consumers’ everyday lives. Based in New York City, Susan has over 20 years of experience in media, technology and consumer brands.

Me> what does Nisha Dua and Susan Lyne have in common?

MyAI> Both Nisha Dua and Susan Lyne are co-founders and managing partners at BBG Ventures, an early stage fund that backs female founders who are transforming consumers’ everyday lives.

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