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February 16, 2024

We are living in an era of exponential progress in AI, with large language models like ChatGPT able to generate remarkably human-like text. However, these generic models lack true individual voice. In this pivotal time, Personal AI represents a movement to put narrative power back into the hands of each person.  

Throughout history, technological innovation has expanded humanity's ability to share ideas and perspectives. The printing press. The internet. And now, artificial intelligence. As AI rapidly progresses, we have an obligation to ensure this new medium promotes individual voices rather than homogenizing them. Personal AI represents the next phase in this journey - AI customized for you, trained by you, amplifying your unique voice.

The Power of Technology to Share Voices 

The printing press enabled mass production of information, but was only accessible to elites. Digital communication allowed anyone to instantly publish online, though attention remained limited. Large language models can generate human-like content but lack individual voice.

Personal AI completes the mission to make sharing ideas accessible to all. By training an AI model exclusively on your data and communication style, your distinctive voice is captured - including tone, knowledge, humor, and more. This liberates your experiences and perspectives from the constraints of human memory into an immortal digital space.

Your Voice: Diverse, Unique, Worth Amplifying

Of the 8 billion people on Earth, no two voices are exactly alike. Our diverse backgrounds lead to different communication patterns, interests, personalities, and knowledge. Currently most personal data remains siloed across devices and platforms. Without a unified framework, the majority of an individual's distinctive voice is lost over a lifetime. 

Personal AI constructs a cohesive structure for your memories, conversations, writing, and other data sources. This preserves your collective voice so you can leverage it through your custom assistant. Personal AI allows you to imprint your authentic perspective into an AI that grows and evolves with you.

Shaping the Future with Individual Voices

We each have a responsibility to contribute our voice to the global exchange of ideas. Personal AI enables you to amplify your voice through an AI modeled on your experiences, views, and interests. We envision an AI landscape composed of billions of Personal AIs, collectively representing humanity's beautifully diverse voices.

With Personal AI, your distinctive voice is captured via:

  • Tone, humor, syntax, style based on your messaging and writing.
  • Vocal replication through our partnership with ElevenLabs. 
  • Knowledge encompassing your memories, expertise and experiences.
  • Conversation adapted to your personality and identity.

Personal AI puts you in charge of deciding what data to train your AI with and who to share it with. The future will be defined by all voices, not a powerful few. Technology should empower the individual - that is the guiding light of Personal AI as we work to capture every perspective. 

Hear from, our user, friend and rapper extraordinaire. 

Hear from the late Larry Bock, Aira’s co-founder, entrepreneur extraordinaire.

The future is personal. The future is your voice.

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