How Personal AI Can Transform the Legal Industry

April 26, 2024

What is Personal AI?

Personal AI is a Personal Language Model that is trained on you, the lawyer.  It is trained on how you speak, how you write, how you argue in Court, briefs, and memos, and how you take depositions.  LLMs like ChatGPT are incredibly powerful, but they are not trained on you and your unique approach to cases. Having a language model that is fed your personalized content truly allows you to leverage your specialized knowledge and approach to your work.  

You can also create Personal AIs across your team.  Imagine a second-year associate at your firm being able to query ALL of the Senior Partners at your firm at once and have personalized responses – that are the sum total of each of those Partners’ unique data sets trained on their unique knowledge and experience – back to the associate.  Every firm struggles with communicating and passing down the firm’s collective institutional knowledge.  Personal AI can solve for this and so much more.  

Why use Personal AI?

Personal AI can offer many benefits to your firm, such as:

  • “Perfect recall” – you can use natural language to search against all of the deposition transcripts, court transcripts, motions, etc. and have Personal AI respond in your voice
  • “Perfect institutional recall” – you can aggregate the knowledge base of all the lawyers, paralegals and staff at the firm and interact with your firm’s AI to get answers.
  • Enhance client service and satisfaction through efficiency gains.
  • Suggested responses to emails, client inquiries and intra-firm inquiries.
  • Security is paramount at Personal AI since it is trained on your unique data and documents.  Unlike other GPTs that can expose your data to third parties, Personal AI fences off your data so only you and your firm have access to it. Not even Personal AI will be able to access it.  Personal AI’s SOC2 and HIPAA compliance is currently underway.

How to choose the right legal AI solution?

LLMs like ChatGPT are powerful tools that can help summarize large documents.  What they lack, however, is any sort of widespread “memory.”  In other words, ChatGPT does not remember who you are, what cases you’ve worked on, or anticipate what you want next.  

This is where Personal AI fills the gap.  Personal AI is built on your data and your voice.  And this can be done across your entire firm.  Therefore, any responses back are built on your firm’s unique institutional memory and approach.  

You’ve worked for years to build standard practices and standards of excellence at your law firm.  Instead of getting generic responses from AI, why not use an existing solution based on your brain and your firm’s institutional knowledge to generate specific, past client-based responses.  

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