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May 24, 2024

Healthcare specialists and AI normally don't mix together given the privacy and security concerns with data and releasing patient information. The only way for AI to be used in a healthcare setting is if the AI has the ability to follow the HIPAA guidelines and if it is only being used internally by healthcare workers within the practice. Personal AI not only has a solution for these privacy and security concerns in the healthcare business, but also offers a variety of different use case possibilities for the healthcare professional that are accurate and effective!

Personal AI: Safe, Ethical, Legal and Accurate

One of the main aspects that set Personal AI apart from its competitors is not only the fact we have our own trusted API, but also the fact that all data that is uploaded and use to train the AI is hosted by Personal AI ourselves. This means that confidential patient information will not be leaked through an LLM (Large Language Model) or accessed by anyone externally. One of the many benefits of using a Personal Language Model (PLM) is that you are in full control of who is able to access your data, how it shared, what kinds of responses it is giving, and we give our account owners the power to control channel access from users.

We also understand that accuracy is another factor of concern among healthcare professionals using AI within their practice. With AI that is trained on all of the healthcare practice's existing data in a database hosted by Personal AI, accuracy is at all time high. With our custom directive feature, prompting/messaging reply feature, you have the ability to recall patient information directly from the source it came from. Your Personal AI responses are also fully controlled by you and have the ability to cite the sources it is drawing responses from to allow you to confirm accuracy of the responses while in the beginning process of implementing your AI in your healthcare practice.

Examples of Use Cases

Patient Information Recall

One of the biggest use cases for the healthcare professional using Personal AI is patient information recall. Imagine being able to upload thousands of patient notes and documents to a persona in your Personal AI and saving loads of time trying to prepare for an appointment or to track patient progress. With lots of patients coming in and out, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone's progress and having to manually recall all of their information. By creating a persona with all of this data, you can ask your AI a number questions about whichever patient you are choosing to inquire about. This could include responses for "When was the last time I met with Patient A?" or "What are the key points that Patient A is struggling with during their care" or "What kinds of medications is Patient A taking?". The ability to instantly access this information accurately will save a healthcare practice loads of time!

Patient Relations Management

As one of the original Personal AI use cases, CRM, the healthcare professional will benefit from this use case the same as any other business owner. Being able to automate emails coming in and out to patients or potential patients using an AI driven patient relations management persona can give the healthcare professional the ability to focus more time on their patients individually and less time typing emails to them or to future patients. Don't worry, confidential patient information will still be protected if implementing this use case due to the Sub-AI Persona feature which is explained below.

Creating New Personas with Each Patient

Another use case that Personal AI offers is the ability to create new personas that only include a doctor's knowledge base as well as the information/data pertaining to that patient. Giving your patients the ability to access their doctor's knowledge base 24/7 can provide a much stronger experience for the patient while still remaining within the guidelines of HIPAA. If a patient has their own persona, the two people who would have access to their messages and confidential patient information is the patient themselves and their doctor. This way the patient can get advice from their doctor 24/7 when problems arise after hours with an AI that is also trained on their own data, therefore the responses will be customized directly for the patient talking to their persona through their doctor's voice.

Sub-AI Personas

One of the most common use cases for the healthcare professional using AI is patient information recall. Let's say that only a certain number of employees within your practice can access confidential patient information, but there are other employees or users that are not covered under HIPAA and cannot access this information. This is where Personas come in. With Personal AI. you can upload and train a selected Persona on confidential patient information that is only accessible by healthcare professionals for patient information recall through a channel where user access is either limited or overseen by either an office manager or doctor. This allows the power of AI to be used in a healthcare practice as long as the healthcare professionals are monitoring access while other personas can work internally for other use cases similar to the ones explained previously. It is possible to create a single Personal AI that can cover all of these use cases accurately and effectively while remaining within the guidelines of HIPAA.

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