The Vision of Personal AI Founders

May 10, 2024

Personal AI is pursuing a transformative mission - bringing the power of AI directly to individuals in a way that is personalized, private and fundamentally empowering. While big tech giants are focused on developing large language models for general applications, Personal AI has set its sights on a different path. Our goal is to give people their own customized AI assistants that can enhance memory, preserve life stories across generations, negotiate on your behalf, and ultimately become ever-present personal companions. At the heart of Personal AI's approach are core principles of prioritizing individual data ownership, safeguarding privacy, and truly putting people first. In a recent discussion, the company's three co-founders - Kristie, Sharon, and Suman - shared candid insights into the vision driving Personal AI and the exciting possibilities they see on the horizon for personalized artificial intelligence.

Putting Memory Preservation and Personal Data Ownership First

For co-founder and CXO Kristie, the genesis of Personal AI was deeply rooted in solving challenges around memory and cognitive decline that impact so many families. As she explains:

"I thought that was a really exciting proposition, especially because a member of my family had dementia and so that was just a near and dear problem to my heart. And I saw the potential for technology to really help people in the future with memory retention and recall."

From the start, Personal AI has been focused on giving individuals true ownership and control over their personal data and AI models. Co-founder Sharon emphasizes this principle:

"One of the principles that we have is everyone owns their data, owns their AI, owns their models, and at any time, you have the ownership and IP over that."

CEO Suman believes that the mission is what differentiates Personal AI as well as our commitment to bettering the lives of people who interact with us:

"Every AI company is fundamentally built on the same foundation, which is, quote unquote, this idea of large language model foundation. Well, there are other choices, other choices that works better, which is a different set of foundation that works in the favor of individual people."

Sharon highlights the tremendous potential of these personalized AI assistants to enhance daily life:

"If you think about all these LLMs that the big techs are developing, having a personal AI that is negotiating on the behalf of you, I think, is like, I guess, like a paradise if I think from the end user endpoint."

Looking to the Future

Personal AI's founders are driving toward ambitious goals, from personalized storytelling for children to preserving the writings and life memories of older generations. Down the road, Sharon sees Personal AI becoming an ever-present assistant:

"Next year, I do want to see a version of the personalized device...that you would carry with you all the time, that's listening to your conversations, helping you out during your conversations on a daily basis."

With a mission and vision centered on elevating and empowering individuals through AI, Personal AI is charting an exciting path forward at the cutting edge of personalized artificial intelligence

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