Where Individual Privacy Meets Conversational AI

March 2, 2023

When we first met Suman and Sharon, co-founders of personal.ai, what struck a chord was their desire to help people recall what they had learned from conversations with their loved ones — an extension of memory, as we age, that spans our lifetime!

What if the same technology is applied to the writings, conversations, and talks of thought leaders, influencers, and experts on any subject whatsoever? It participates in a creator economy where knowledge is always available for recall — “What is Vitalik’s current thinking on regulated DeFi?”

With the current success of conversational AI, it is easy to see how powerful the technology can be when harnessed in either a private or public setting.

When interactions are between groups of friends, within families, and between colleagues in their work setting, the conversations are private. The data is owned by the individuals involved and they can choose to contribute their data to build a personal AI model of themselves and request access to that of their friends, family members, and colleagues to consult and recall their past interactions.

For public figures that choose to participate in their public and private conversations and collateral on a specific topic, the ownership is less of the data they contributed but more of the AI model, an avatar of themselves, that was built from their knowledge. This is a confidential NFT, that bestows on buyers the ability to interact with an expert in their chosen topic.

Personal.ai believes in creating a future where every individual is the owner of her or his memories, knowledge, and insights and can freely share and trade their knowledge and contribute to a global knowledge collective. The intrinsic value of human intelligence can benefit both the individual, as well as the world, in this decentralized information economy. It is the convergence of Neuroscience, NLP, and Blockchain.

Oasis is proud to partner with Personal.ai on this ambitious endeavor. The Oasis Network is a privacy-first Layer 1 blockchain network that has a unique architecture separating consensus from computation. The computation runs in purpose-built parallel runtimes, or ParaTimes, that interact with the consensus layer. Oasis launched a confidential ParaTime, called Sapphire, a groundbreaking developer environment, the first and only confidential Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible ParaTime. This runtime has the ability to help scale blockchain rapidly towards Web3 and allow EVM developers to quickly lay the foundations for privacy-enabled blockchain dApps, which are becoming a necessity as users demand data sovereignty.

Oasis Network X personal.ai

Safeguarding individual privacy with Sapphire

For Personal.ai and their customers, a Sapphire integration enables the following critical capabilities,

  1. Contributors provide consent for use of their data where the data is encrypted using the blockchain as the root of trust, with the Sapphire Key Manager used to generate keys with encryption close to the point of data ingestion. Access to data is always guarded by checking consent and registering access requests and grants on-chain
  2. Creators mint a confidential NFT, backed by their trained AI avatar, on-chain. The NFT is a tradable commodity where the ability to interact with a given AI avatar is predicated on buying the corresponding NFT
  3. All customers track the use of both their data and their AI avatars and ensure that there is a transparent incentive model to monitor use and hence understand compensation on a trustless network

Currently, Personal.ai uses Parcel, which is a permissioned data management product from Oasis with the move to using Sapphire slated for their GA release later this year.

The future’s so bright. We gotta wear shades

AI is a civilization-altering technology akin to the printing press and electricity. But in the era of immersive Web3, the stakes are higher than ever before. At Oasis, we believe that a privacy-first approach to AI is key to unlocking its full potential. Ensuring privacy while reducing trust boundaries for developers such as Personal.ai on their fascinating journey, is critical to ensure that there is transparency and trust in data provenance, model use, and the accrual of incentives that transcend the technology. Oasis is committed to actualizing this future through a privacy-first framework of uncompromising privacy for individuals.

The Sapphire ParaTime is currently on Mainnet. We have documentation describing the differences between Sapphire and Ethereum and explaining how you can integrate with Sapphire to write secured apps. You can find them here!

Check out the article we published earlier this week to read more about how Oasis and personal.ai have collaborated since 2020 to safely engineer AI: Individual Privacy Meets Conversational AI: personal.ai & Oasis

For more information on Sapphire and the Oasis Network, please register for our newsletter and join our Discord.

To get started creating your own decentralized personal AI, sign up for the waitlist at app.personal.ai, you’ll be notified when the mobile app is soon released.

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