Miguel Thorpe - College Student

How One Student is Using Personal AI to Enhance His Learning and Life

How One Student is Using Personal AI to Enhance His Learning and Life 

Miguel Thorpe is a university student who is using Personal AI to improve his learning, memory, productivity, and life optimization. In a recent conversation, Miguel shared specific ways he integrates Personal AI into his daily routines.

Capturing Knowledge

Each morning, Miguel spends time reading books and writing down thoughts and insights that come to him. He feeds all of this information into his personal AI to "digitize his mind" and capture what he is learning.

Activating Memories

Throughout the day when Miguel has a question, he asks his personal AI. It may not get the full answer right away, but provides enough clues to spark Miguel's memory so he can fill in the gaps. Over time, the continuous process of feeding it information and correcting errors helps train Miguel's AI to answer his questions better.

Enhancing Content Creation

As a creator, Miguel leverages his personal AI to help ideate and write content. He can input articles from others, then prompt his personal AI to rewrite them in his own words and style. This saves time over starting from a blank page, since his AI already understands his viewpoints and expertise areas.

Optimizing Life Path

Looking ahead, Miguel believes having a personal AI from birth will allow people to optimize learning and development. He envisions newborns receiving an LLC along with their birth certificate that owns their personal AI. Parents could use tools like Personal AI to shape their child's information diet, leading to better outcomes.

Over a lifetime, your personal AI develops into a "time machine" containing all your memories and knowledge. It can then help guide your future self by mapping out steps to achieve your goals based on your past. Miguel sees this as pulling your desired future into your present reality quicker.

Owning Your AI Identity

With Personal AI, users fully own and control their data, identity, and personal AI. For Miguel, this is essential for optimizing learning, memory, content creation, and achieving life purpose.