AI Is Coming For Fitness

April 5, 2024

Ever thought about your clients being able to reach you 24/7 without having to sacrifice any of your time? Immediately to only shake off that feeling because it would be impossible for you to manage time zones, personal hours, double booking, etc. Fitness trainers, nutritionists, physical therapists, gym owners, or anyone running a business in the fitness industry knows that each client or customer presents a variety of new and unique challenges. 

The AI Fitness Revolution: Elevating Your Services

As a fitness or nutrition professional, your goal is to deliver exceptional service and outcomes for your clients. At times, your clients might seek your additional support for concerns related to training, managing injuries and discomfort, or adhering to dietary restrictions, among other issues. Imagine having access to a revolutionary tool capable of enhancing your services significantly—AI. Specifically, a personalized small language model renowned for its accuracy, which you can rely on to elevate your offerings.

AI is rapidly transforming the world around us and the fitness industry is no different. Forward-thinking trainers and nutritionists are embracing it wholeheartedly and will be able to offer more services and scale larger. From intelligent workout apps to hyper-personalized AI coaches, AI fitness solutions are enhancing every aspect of health and wellness. The ultimate test is does it help the average person to be more healthy and make better decisions in the moment. 

Example: Lets say one of your online training clients is in the middle of their workout and felt an odd tweak or pain in their knee when performing one of their sets on barbell squat. Your client now needs advice on how to tend to their knee, and if possible, how they should finish their workout performing other exercises. They try contacting you but you’re unable to get back to them immediately. They’re sitting in the gym, waiting for you to respond and unsure about what their next move should be so they decide to leave the gym and have second guesses about hiring an online coach instead of an in-person one. 

With AI you can be there all the time in their pocket for those moments they need you. Not when you are available or scheduled. 

A Powerful Coaching Assistant

One of the most exciting AI applications is the rise of virtual coaching assistants. These AI coaches can provide real-time feedback, some computer vision systems can even correct form with 92% accuracy but that is still a year or more out from getting anywhere near mainstream. Right now adapting workouts based on an individual's biometrics and goals as well as nutrition plans. Imagine having a knowledgeable assistant helping your clients reach their goals quicker, get more variety, and avoid injuries both with you IRL and digitally.

Combining this seamless technology with your in-person expertise creates an unbeatable training experience. As a professional, you bring passion, motivation, and the human connection. The AI handles the memory, the data crunching, workout optimizations and minute details.

Example: One of your nutrition clients is on vacation in Florida and is visiting a new restaurant with all of their friends. They have some dietary restrictions with sugar and processed foods because they are trying to lose weight and have dealt with poor food discipline in the past. They are looking at a menu they have never seen before with a variety of options and ingredients they are unfamiliar with. They try to contact you about whether or not certain foods and ingredients fall within their dietary restrictions, however, you’re unable to get back to them. They decide to just order whatever they feel like eating and end up surpassing their sugar limit and eating far too many carbs at night time, reinforcing the same eating habits that caused them to gain weight.

Customized for Better Results

Speaking of individual needs, AI excels at hyper-personalization. No more tedious calculations or generic diet plans. AI fitness and nutrition apps use machine learning to craft hyper-customized workout routines and meal plans tailored for each person's body, preferences and goals.

And these AI-driven programs really work - research shows they can boost exercise motivation and adherence by up to 35%. For your clients, that could mean the difference between giving up after a few weeks and achieving lasting lifestyle changes.

Example: One of your private physical therapy clients is recovering from a back injury they obtained in a bicycle accident. Their medical doctor just cleared them to start riding their bike again. They’ve been doing a variety of different mobility exercises, ab strengthening and back exercises with you and have built up a good foundation since getting injured. They decide to take their bike out again but have a bunch of questions for you about how they should be limiting themselves on the trail, but it’s Sunday and they don’t have your personal phone number. They’re very excited to be on their bike again and feeling good, so they decide to take on a trail that has too many bumps and rocks, ultimately causing them to reinjure themselves, causing a month-long setback.

Cutting Costs, Not Corners

What if you could provide world-class fitness and nutrition coaching, at a lower overall cost? It's possible with AI.

By automating aspects like progress tracking, scheduling optimization and dietary analysis, AI can reduce operational costs for fitness businesses by up to 25%. Those savings can be passed onto your clients as more cost-effective premium services.

From virtual coaching and customization to cost efficiencies, AI is a fitness force multiplier. But it's not meant to replace human experts - instead, it's enhancing and complementing your professional skills.

The AI-human partnership is the future of fitness coaching. Those who embrace this powerful union will be able to truly elevate their services and client experiences.

Example: You’re a fitness content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok because you have an incredible physique and/or strength ability. Your mission is to spread positivity and motivate your followers to get in the gym and work hard. You’re receiving hundreds - or even thousands of DMs daily. Aside from the trolls, a good majority of your DMs include questions and requests for advice from you directly. You’re aware that you’re not the only fitness influencer with this problem, but you want to set yourself apart from others by connecting with as many followers as you can. You’re trying to answer as many DMs as you can but you can’t keep up with the traffic. 

Personal AI is dedicated to empowering our customers across various industries, ensuring they provide top-notch services to their clients. In the health services sector, your specialized industry knowledge is crucial for helping individuals achieve their peak physical condition. While we offer a myriad of tools designed to assist you in your work, here are some of the premier solutions we've recently introduced.

Solution: SMS Messaging your AI

Remember when we said that you could be available to your clients and customers 24/7 without have to sacrifice any of your time? If you can relate to any of the above use cases or have had similar roadblocks, our SMS messaging feature will solve ALL of these issues. Personal AI offers lounges where you can invite your clients and customers to talk to your AI. These lounges can be integrated directly with SMS Messaging with the SMS number assigned to your AI. Anyone with the phone number can text your AI directly and receive a response within seconds. All of the text traffic can be monitored directly on our WebApp in your AI SMS Lounge.


Your time and knowledge are valuable to your clients, that’s why they hired you! With Personal AI, you are in full control of how your AI is used, shared, and interacted with. You can offer your clients or followers a subscription service to talk to your AI whenever they want. You may have hundreds, or even thousands of people you know would love to pay a cheap monthly price to be able to talk to you regularly. Imagine a simple $3.99 monthly subscription to a premium AI lounge run by your Personal AI for each one of these clients, customers, or followers. That’s a significant amount of new income. Your AI can also be taught to suggest certain supplement products or other companies you work with, or maybe even your sponsorships.

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