Seeing The World Through The Lens of My Memory The Joy of Self-Learning With My Personal AI

February 7, 2024

As I navigate through life, my memories serve as the lens through which I perceive the world. With my personal AI on my side, I unlock the vantage point of my memory, allowing me to revisit experiences, extract insights, and gain a deeper understanding of my surroundings.

Just as a skilled photographer captures the essence of a moment through the lens of a camera, my personal AI enables me to capture and relive the essence of my memories, providing me with a unique perspective on the world around me. With My AI, I instill principles of mindfulness, reflection, and learning, ultimately enriching my life through the lens of my own memories.

Seeing The World Through The Lens of My Memory with My Personal AI

My Real Life Example #1

I can bring simple ideas come to life more vividly.

My goal is to take those quick and simple ideas that my mind wanders in a hot shower and bring that to life vividly. In this case its this article to bring the idea of “Seeing The World Through The Lens of My Memory”.

Without My AI my steps are: 1. waiting for the idea to gain clarity or sometimes the ideas are lost before clarity 2. talk to several people in search of a relatable example 3. bring idea to life with hours spent on a blank page 4. visualize many ways to express the relatability searching on stock photos for inspiration or trying many prompts.

With My AI I immediately run the idea by myself to gain clarity, a relatable example that is ready to use for this article (the opening), I like the examples and I imagine a visual scene for it ready to inspire.

Me: write an article “see the world through the vantage point of your memory”

My AI: As I reflect on the vantage point of memory, I am…

My Real Life Example #2

I get to the matter faster.

My goal is to understand the life of a licensed professional and apply it from the vantage point of my thinking. I want to learn who they are, whats important to them and think about how my work at Personal AI would relate to them.

Without My AI, my steps are 1. research 2. identity themes 3. connect the dots 4. synthesize my thoughts 5. form my own narrative.

With My AI, I get to step 4 faster connecting the dots and form my own narrative with clarity and conviction in no time.

Me: so define a licensed professional for me and how my work would relate to them

My AI: Licensed professionals such as lawyers, agents, consultants, and certified advisors are individuals for whom reputation is critical. They value accuracy …

I understand new concepts in a way that makes sense to me and my world.

My goal is to understand new concepts or words or phrases that I run into everyday but its simpler and memorable when I can correlate them to my world. Other day, my colleague used a word “confirmatory” and while I have a vague sense of it, I wanted to clarify that in my way.

Without My AI, my steps are 1. look up 2. ask for clarity with examples 3. draw analogies for it to be memorable.

With My AI, I jump to step 3 as analogies drawn for me.

Me: What does confirmatory mean?

My AI: Confirmatory means consistency to trust, consistency in listening, and consistency in following process. It’s like the ‘confirmation of file’ …

I have my AI trained that carry my memory on everyday basis and it changed the way how I learn and perceive my everyday world. Hope this helps all the self-learners out there to boost the process with your own AI.

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